• TONIGHT: Paper Ballot / Hand Counting Demo In Spalding County - Monday July 10th

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    July 7, 2023
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    Those supporting voting machines say paper and hand counts are too slow and more expensive - citizens in Spalding say, "Watch This" and will hold paper ballot demo showing paper ballots being hand counted and tabulated Tonight - Monday evening, July 10th.

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    Citizens from Spalding County and across Georgia will hold a paper ballot demonstration this Monday evening, July 10, to show that paper ballots and hand counting can be effectively used as an alternative to the electronic voting machines. Proponents of paper ballots say certain other entities around the Country and even entire Countries are using paper ballots and determining the winner in a single day.

    Since the release of the Halderman report, which shows numerous risks and vulnerabilities which could sway elections tabulated through the voting machines, citizens have upped their demands for paper ballots.

    In testimony before the Georgia State Election Board, John Poulos, CEO of Dominion stated that the paper ballots, ".....those are the official results....." and went on to say "Those are what can't be hacked."

    During the last Spalding County Commission meeting, a Vice-Chair of the County Commission read a letter into the record from Alex Johnson of Bernard and Johnson. Within the letter, Mr. Johnson provides guidance and cites the Georgia laws that support a decision by a County or by the Board of Elections to move to paper ballots.

    Brad Raffensperger has maintained that the SoS can mandate the methods used by all the Counties to conduct elections. However, experts recall that in a previous court case, both Raffensperger and Kemp admitted that they had no control over the Counties in making a decision like this.

    On July 11th, the day after the demonstration, the Spalding County Board of Elections will hold their next meeting.

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