• Every County Board Of Elections In Georgia Receives Packet Describing How And Why To Move To Hand Marked And Verifiable Paper Ballots

    By Staff
    August 4, 2023

    The packet was sent to all 159 Boards of Elections in Georgia.

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    Following this weeks standing-room-only meeting at the Georgia State Board of Elections, a key activist group has now provided a packet of information to all 159 County Boards of Election to inform and enable them to move to hand market paper ballots and hand counting.

    The SEB meeting heard testimony from many election integrity advocates from across Georgia. In some cases emotions ran high given the apparent lack of action and follow-up displayed by the SEB in the more than two years since the 2020 election.

    In the last two weeks, Spaulding County voted to perform an automatic hand-recount of all future elections, the results of which will then be compared to the machine counts. If a discrepancy is found, the County will halt certification of the election until the discrepancy is resolved. The County chose this course as a method to check the accuracy of it's elections without directly violating laws or regulations. Previous attempts to change election procedures, or perform after the fact hand counts, have been reportedly met with threats and potential penalties from the Secretary of State's office.

    Advocates of the Paper Ballot Please Packet distribution program say that the Boards of Elections can no longer state they are unaware of the reasons for moving to hand-marked paper ballots, nor can they fail to recognize their obligations to protect the accuracy of their County elections.

    Excerpts from the package appear below:

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    They already know why we need to move to hand marked, verifiable ballots...that's why they make sure we don't switch to them.


    Without "voter ID" this is pointless. Counting FAKE BALLOTS is counting fake ballots.

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