• Raffensperger Wants You To Believe The Voting Sysytem and Machines Are "In Great Shape Come The Fall"

    September 15, 2023
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    Dodges questions about updates and certifications.

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    During his "health and security checks" citizens ask Raffensperger about how he can claim machines are secure when Ballot Marking Devices are running Android software that 7 generations out-of-date.

    He also claimed that machines are EAC certified and updated. Notably he failed to address that the certifications were from 2018 - five years ago.


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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Rattensberger also wants you to believe he is not a criminal.

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