• Eight Republicans Voted To Oust Kevin McCarthy - Why Are Georgia's Representatives Once Again Mum

    October 5, 2023
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    The U.S. House of Representatives voted Tuesday to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker. Led primarily by Matt Gaetz, McCarthy was called out for the number of things left undone and a few tings badly done.

    Many were hoping for a refreshed approach to House leadership but say they found the dynamics little changed from Pelosi's "regime."

    Now grassroots republicans are asking, "Where were the Georgia Representatives and why did they all vote to keep McCarthy?

    As Chuck Callesto called out via Twitter:

    Georgia's are also asking where their State and U.S. Representatives have been, given the ouster of GA State Senator Colton Moore from the GA Republican Caucus.

    Many say it seems when something is going wrong Representatives seem to go silent. This is now in stark contract to Republicans deliberately taking action to diminish the influence of one of their ranks standing up against what many call the clear injustice of Fani Willis' actions.

    Mallory Staples, State Director of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, spoke out about the dynamic during the Georgia 2024 Show on Wednesday evening:

    According to Mallory and others, those who choose to stay silent while citizens are clearly upset can expect to see their support eroded approaching the next election cycle.

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