• Catherine Englebrecht And True The Vote Once Again Bring Truth To Bear In Georgia

    October 7, 2023

    Affidavit shows Raffensperger lied during call with Trump

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    Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote, filed an affidavit on Friday which describes a meeting Ms. Englebrecht had with SoS Raffensperger and his team in December 2020. In that meeting Ms. Englebrecht described True the Votes findings which indicated that over 350,000 voter registrations in Georgia were inaccurate and therefore ineligible. In response Raffensperger said "That seems about right. The GOP should have been doing this all along."

    Trump's call with Raffensperger occured just two weeks later.

    "On that call, President Trump asked about inaccurate voter records. Both Secretary Raffensperger and General Counsel Ryan Germany stated that they had fully evaluated the various claims of election irregularities and said without qualification there was no evidence to support them, including no problems with the voting records. This statement was knowingly false. Both men were well-aware of that falsity at the time."

    The Affidavit may be reviewed or downloaded below:

    Consider also that after filing challenges for more than 360,000 inaccurate voter registrations, Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote were immediately sued by Stacy Abrams / Fair Fight while their attorney Marc Elias sent letters threatening suit to every County in Georgia.

    Was this to ensure that Counties wouldn't full investigate these challenges which would provide evidence of potential fraud?

    The Fair Fight / True the Vote case continues today and is scheduled to begin trial on October 26, 2023.

    The Georgia Record will have further updates on both the True the Vote and Trump cases as events progress.

    See more about True the Vote and their findings with regard to Georgia via:



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    Globalist will lie cheat and steal (any means necessary) to achieve their agenda the NWO. However, they know not that they do so to their own demise. A globalist government will not be controlled by them as the assume.

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