• 2019 Johns Creek Campaign Disclosures!

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    May 10, 2019
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    It's that time of year for 2019 Johns Creek Campaign Disclosures. Where candidates for Johns Creek City Council are required by law to file paperwork on their campaigns. Within that, the finer details of spending and debt.

    Steve Broadbent
    Steve Broadbent

    Councilman Steve Broadbent reported a balance of $157.70

    Chris Coughlin
    Chris Coughlin

    Councilman Chris Coughlin reported spending $38.88 on hosting for his campaign website. He used 'namecheap' for the service provider. 

    Jay Lin
    Jay Lin

    Councilman Jay Lin has reported a total Indebtedness of $23,264.00. Yes. TWENTY-THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

    This is from his prior 2015 campaign. 

    Therefore, any donations or campaign contributions Jay Lin collects, he can keep / allocate toward his debt from the election 4 years ago.

    At the end of this four-year term, taxpayers of Johns Creek will have paid Jay Lin $60K.

    He was elected to Post 2 in December 2015.

    Jay Lin's tenure as a Johns Creek Councilman has been conflicted with him speaking out of both sides of his mouth. That is if he speaks at all. He campaigned on No Taxes Increases and Reduced Spending. Yet voted for every tax increase that came his way. Jay Lin embraced big government bloated contracts and increased spending. Every budget under him has grown every year.

    Jay Lin owns Pacific Ventures, Inc a Real Estate Development company. In addition, Jay has also been mention as a partner with Wei Dao restaurant. It is located on Medlock Bridge Rd.

    These financials are from the first of the 2019 Johns Creek Campaign Disclosures. There will be several more by the year's end.

    Finally, there is 6 City Council members and 1 Mayor for the City of Johns Creek.

    In conclusion, 3 Seats are up for Re-Election this November 2019. Qualifying is in August 2019. 

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Che Bodker

    we seem to have our own swamp monsters here in Johns Creek...

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