• UPDATE FULL VIDEO ADDITION: Ruby Freeman Body Cam Admissions Revealed In The Georgia Ballot Scanning Scandal

    By Staff
    December 25, 2022

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    UPDATE 12/28/22 1300 EST - Full body cam/door cam/video clips added - Full video/audio at bottom of article.

    • Newly uncovered police body cam footage of Ruby Freeman reveal her stunning admissions that directly contradict allegations made under oath by January 6th Committee witnesses, by certain reporters and show hosts, by members of Congress, and by lawyers in sworn statements to Federal Court. Freeman volunteers to blow the whistle on election fraud.
    • In the body cam, Ruby Freeman alleges a coverup by the Georgia Secretary of State, the DOJ/FBI, the GBI, and the Fulton County DA.
    • 911 call transcript, body cam videos, and police report were obtained by Open Record Requests. From that information investigators have learned that the police report was supplemented in contradiction of the facts.
    • Ruby Freeman’s lawyer since January 2021 is Michael Gottlieb who also was lawyer and fixer for Hunter Biden and Aaron Rich, brother to Seth Rich.

    Summary of January 4, 2021 meeting with Ruby Freeman

    Location: Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, Marietta, GA

    Participants: Ruby Freeman, Trevian Kutti, Harrison Floyd (by phone), Garrison Douglas, Cobb County Police Officers


    • Ruby Freeman was employed by Happy Faces – a temporary agency that had been founded by Stacey Abrams. Freeman was a contractor to Fulton County, GA Elections absentee ballot department where she worked with her supervisor daughter Shaye Moss to process absentee ballots in early November 2020. In December 2020, video of the Fulton County ballot processing center operations from early November at State Farm Arena was part of a Georgia Senate Committee investigation and was publicly televised by multiple news organizations. The video showed ballot boxes appearing to be outside of normal chain of custody being extracted from under a table and processed while no election observers or members of the media were present. Freeman, Moss and Ralph Jones are seen pulling the ballot boxes from underneath the table. Freeman and Moss are seen scanning and rescanning stacks of ballots into an election computer. The unusual activities seen in the video coverage of the Fulton County ballot counting became a major focus of national attention in late 2020 and early 2021. The presidential race in Georgia in 2020 was decided by less than 11,900 votes. Investigators that reviewed the video produced estimates of unusual ballot scans estimating between 20,000 to 40,000 from the ballots under the table added to the overall vote totals after midnight November 3, 2020.
    • After the December 2020 coverage of the Fulton County election operations, we learn in the following body cam footage that Ruby Freeman met with representatives from the GA Secretary of State, GBI and FBI/DOJ in December 2020 and tried to blow the whistle on the improper re-scanning of absentee ballots and the improper access to voting computers via USB ports. She commented that what the Secretary of State and District Attorney were reporting was false and a fraud. When she met the FBI/DOJ, they did not ask her to tell what she knew and instead told her to scrub her social media. 
    • In December of 2020, a chaplain Steven Lee became aware Ruby Freeman hearing she wanted to disclose her involvement in ballot processing at State Farm Arena and was seeking legal assistance. Lee knocked on the door at Freemans home two weeks prior to January 4th, but Freeman said she did not want to speak with him because he is “old white man.” (See body cam transcript)
    • Lee contacted Harrison Floyd, who had been employed by the Trump 2020 Campaign.

    Unable to travel to Georgia, Floyd asked Trevian Kutti, a publicist who was working on the Perdue re-election campaign in Georgia, to see if Freeman needed assistance.

    • On January 4, 2021, Garrison Douglas, the director of communications for the Georgia Republican Party, transported Kutti to Freeman’s house in Cobb County to offer help to Freeman. Freeman activated her ring camera to record the visit conversation between Kutti and neighbor Miss Nadine. Freeman did not answer the door and called 911. On the 911 call, Freeman states she wants Kutti to come back to her house to see how they can help her. See the January 4, 2021 Ruby Freeman 911 transcript)
    • Freeman shows the Ring video to the officer, who records Kutti’s name, phone number, and learns from Freeman that Kutti and Douglas are still close by.

    The officer agrees to call Kutti to arrange a meeting that night at the police station. The body camera of the responding officer recorded the meeting that night. 

    • Based on Freeman’s unsuccessful meeting with State and Federal officials and seeing media coverage of the activities at State Farm Arena, Freeman admitted to the responding officer she was uncertain whom to trust yet determined she would meet with crisis manager Trevian Kutti along with police and by phone with Harrison Floyd. 

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    The Ruby Freeman 911 Call, Body Cam Admissions, and Police Report

    On 4Jan21, Ruby Freeman (“RF”) called the Cobb County Police to help her arrange a meeting with crisis manager Trevian Kutti (“TK”) and her driver/witness Garrison Douglas (“GD”). On the 911 call and in person at her home with the responding police officer, RF asked for the meeting to see what help TK could provide to her, to clear her name, to report on the coverup by the GA SOS and FBI, and to blow the whistle on improper ballot scanning and improper use of USB Ports by Fulton County election employees that occurred in and after the 2020 elections.  

    On the 4Jan21 911 call, RF asks the police officer to arrange to meet with TK and GD.

    RF: “No, that's why I wanted the police to come and I go outside and talk with them with 

    the police being there. I'm not talking now.”

    RF: “Yeah. Well yes. What I want to do when the officers come, the people said they were close. They, I want them to come back and tell me what it is they can do for me while the officer is here.”  

    After arriving at Ms. Freeman’s home, the police officer was invited into her home where she expressed how she wanted to meet with TK and GD with police present.

    RF: “I don't know. I don't know. We can say we trust God and need to believe God all day. But he gives us wisdom, you know, right about now. I don't know if I need to talk to these people. If they really can help me, how can you help me?

    During the police visit to Freemans home 4Jan21, the Ring camera conversation of TK and RF neighbor, Miss Nadine is replayed for the responding officer.

    TK: “My name is Trevian Kutti. I'm a crisis manager. Let her know that we are not affiliated with anything or anybody, but there's some things she should know”

    RF: “Okay. So what I wanted done was while you're here, I know I ain't calling with my number, but I know from 911, if you call them your office or whatever, not their office and had them to dial the number and say, yeah, she's willing to meet at back at her house. You know mm-hmm cause the police is there and she'll meet with you with the police.”

    At approximately 10:30pm 4Jan21, RF, TK and GD meet at the Cobb County Police Station.

    TK asks RF: “so you can find and figure out the steps you want to take. If you choose to take any at all.”

    (05:56) TK comments to the responding officer and to RF that there are Feds there in the police station as well.

    (06:15) Officer: “I could step over there if you’re, if you’re comfortable.”

    TK: Okay, uh I want her to be comfortable, but I also want to advise her that there are Federal people who are involved here (pointing to the hallway) that I don’t know who is connected to who. And I really need her to be as non-chalant as possible with this conversation that we are going to have so that if she does make a decision, she’s protected in her decisions.

    (08:00) TK then phones Harrison Floyd (“HF”) to join in the conversation. 

    (22:10) RF: “But I do want an attorney, but nobody now its me, its all a fraud. So I do, I do wanted one, I know that I need an attorney. I have asked several different …. All about it and not heard back from. And even when I met with Secretary of State …they didn’t ask nothing else about fraud, they didn’t ask about an attorney. So, I do want an attorney. I know I need an attorney. I haven’t answered any questions because I don’t have an attorney.” “They went and asked something and said no you cannot answer that because it’s false. I didn’t even watch a lot of the Youtube, I think I saw one about the DA he said; and everything they are saying is false. Everything. From the quote unquote suitcases of the ballot boxes, to the why we opened them back up. Everything they said was false. Now if they’re they did say that they cut, they cleared, they cleared then they asked as to what happened with the ballot boxes and nobody telling me and I don’t understand that. The FBI, nobody has reached out to me. They reached out to me only to uh clear my social media”

    Clips Below: "I do want an attorney...It's all a fraud."

    "It's all a fraud..."
    "They didn't ask nothing else about fraud..."
    "Everything they said was fraud..."

    (29:47) RF: “Ok, we are saying the same thing over. And I appreciate you. Like I said, I do want an attorney.

    TK So Harrison, So Harrison. When can we

    RF: Thank you

    RF: I … I understand. Let’s do it.

    At 30 minutes into the conversation, there was further discussion of the fraud and Ruby Freeman agreeing to accept help from the crisis manager to get an attorney.

    (30:23) Floyd: Ms. Ruby, um, did .… change the counts. I know people who will make sure you are safe and secure”. “There is a couple things I need you to confirm. Just to make sure. Is that ok with you?”

    RF: Yes.

    Floyd: Ok. So you mentioned a couple things, and I’m not going to lie to you …but … the ballot boxes. Are you sure about that?”

    RF: “Yes. I had to put them up under the table.”

    Floyd: “You put them under the table?”

    RF: “Yes”

    Floyd: So there were more people involved?”

    RF: “Yes”

    "I didn't know all this until I started..."

    (36:47) RF “Who put it under the table? Because they could have been distorted! Because they knew everybody was being recorded. I swear on my mama’ em. They came and came around me having everything all looking important.” “And we’re packing up and I’ve already packed up everything. And I was and I put everything in order.”

    Election Official Ralph Jones communicated with Freeman and Moss. Freeman admitted that in the late-night hours of 3Nov20 she was pressured by her supervisors to illegally scan ballots after observers had been removed from the absentee ballot central count at State Farm Arena.

    (40:14) RF: …“and he said and they was saying the count was low, it was really low and is there ah are all of the ballots counted? And so we got like there was a few more and we can get those in the morning because there wasn’t that many. They said well count as many as you can – count all of them you know. So my daughter said Mommy, get on the scanner. But I didn’t scan so she said just do it so we could get on outta here. So that was when even nobody else was taking because there were no more work to be done so we said we can’t!  And they said lucky - because nobody was here. And when they said that, BOOM under the table. Cut the zip ties to scan them so the number would go up, so that’s how the number was created, by the ballots going through the scanner. So when all of them were done, we got the final count and we put them back in the bucket and the boxes and the bucket and zip ties and put ‘em back under the table. So that’s the reason the ballots came from under the table and we re-opened them up.”

    After those bombshell admissions that the media and the Unselect Committee heard from the body cam, Ruby Freeman is heard to lament the impact on her relationship with her daughter

    (44:57) RF: Of course she would never say it but it’s like it’s my fault. She used to think it was her fault for me wanting to work there. But I say now it’s like this, It’s my fault because, my name, I had my my business name up, so that’s where they got my name from. That’s how they attacked my social media and my business. So my daughter feels that, I don’t know if she thinks of me as bad? And I know and I know she made a comment once that she when it first happened she     … they don’t care nothing about that. Because right before that, a week before the election they made her supervisor of Absentee Ballots. I know how that works. All that was was that so she would do a good, she would do a good job, real good job, a good job, she would do a real good job.  (Inaudible) Exactly, but that hurt her. Now, if she takes it out on me, because I had did this and I don’t have any friends because of you and uh uh. Well, I have to take the heat for her”

    "Boom, under the table....."

    (55:36) RF “There is other stuff and to do something to see if the attorney would be of interest. So, I think I’ve said enough that the attorney would be of interest because I am not (inaudible) but the part I did not discuss I want to go, was more so because I we all know the County doesn’t care nothing about me okay. But the other part - that cleared the County, they cleared my name as far as the ballots. But the other part, the USB pull, that’s a totally different thing and to me, the County don’t care about clearing that because that was something I had in my name, so they say. At first, even though the County said doing ballots was the only. And that’s why I want an attorney because I know that my name needs to be cleared with that. It was on youtube videos and everything and I know I need an attorney.”

    (57:09) RF: “It is serious. It is deep. It is so real, It is so…They will not. They will believe it because I’m good at explaining myself if I’m right.” “But the USB ports, but really, I really, I would love to go live with that because the ballots is history. Even though my name is still lingering but if they want to do it (Inaudible) But now it’s the USB ports, so I need an attorney, I want to go live, I’ll go live on every platform. And it will blow your mind. And you are going to be amazed at that picture…” “I want an attorney and I want to go live.  And I need an attorney and I can tell you then. But everybody needs to know how dumb they are.”

    TK: “So obviously we want to clear your name.”

    Discussion by Police Officers on the Original Police Report heard on the body cam.

    Then one hour and three minutes into the body cam we hear the responding officer talk with a supervisor about writing the police report.

    Officer 1: “This report will be media entrants. So..

    Officer Supervisor: “Media what?”

    Officer 1: “Mostly everything going to be in support of that. Pretty much everything and it’s going to be real bland on public now.

    (1:03:13)  Officer Supervisor “I wouldn’t go too detailed on this at all because this might not even be a thing. It’s just, she approached the door, she didn’t feel comfortable. We spoke to both parties and she agreed to meet with them ... You don’t have to run with what they talked about don’t worry about that.”  

    (1:03:25) Officer 1: “Yeah”

    (1:03:27) Officer Supervisor: “So I mean this could be yeah definitely so don’t go too…”

    (1:03:30) Officer: “No I’m not…”

    (1:03:32) Officer Supervisor:  “You know you all the …you need, date of birth and everything?”

    (1:03:42) Officer 1: “Mmm hmm”

    (1:03:46) Officer Supervisor: “Okay.  Yeah, yeah I wouldn’t, I mean there’s no crime here, there’s nothing”

    (1:03:49) Officer 1: “Mmm Mmm, Yeah it’s, it’s just political.”

    (1:03:52) Officer Supervisor: “at this point we generated a case number and because we don’t even know what was going on.”

    (1:03:57) Officer 1: “Because of, thing, coverup, anyway it’s a cover-up and we took all the necessary, necessary steps though.”

    After the police wrap up the content of the police report, the meeting ended.  Ruby Freeman was escorted home (contrary to the second supplement to the police report made 17 days later).

    The original police report prepared contemporaneously 4jan21:

    “On January 4, 2021 at approximately 2038 hours, I responded to a suspicious activity call that occurred at . Upon arrival, I made contact with Ruby Freeman who stated that she was a ballot counter for the election. Ms. Freeman stated that she was being harassed by people on social media and had random people knocking on her door. Ms. Freeman stated that a female and male were at her door trying to speak with her. Ms. Freeman stated that the female (Trevian Kutti) stated that she needed to speak with her. I asked Ms. Freeman if she would be comfortable speaking with Ms. Kutti at the precinct (4700 Austell Road) while we supervised, and Ms. Freeman stated yes. I contacted Ms. Kutti and they agreed to meet at 2230 hours. I escorted Ms. Freeman to the precinct to speak with Ms. Kutti and escorted Ms. Freeman back to her residence. Ms. Freeman`s residence was listed on a zone patrol and Ms. Freeman was informed to call back immediately if she observed any suspicious activity outside of her residence. No further.”

    The next day the police report was supplemented to add this paragraph:

    “I made contact with Ms. Kutti who stated that she was a crisis manager and was sent from a high-profile individual and that she traveled from Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Kutti stated that Ms. Freeman was in danger and had 48 hours to speak with her so that she could get ahead of the issue. Ms. Kutti stated that unknown subjects were going to be at Ms. Freeman`s residence, but did not elaborate on the dangers Ms. Freeman was facing, but it was due to the election.”  

    The supplement above added January 5, 2021 does not align with what we hear the officers discussing about the police report. Ruby freeman testified she was moved from her home by the FBI that day for two months. Yet 16 days later a DPS official added another supplement:

    On 01/21/2021, at 1845 hours, I was advised by LT. Noles that Ruby Freeman was involved in a suspicious activity report from 01/04/2021. Ms. Freeman was involved in a previous harassing communications incident in December 2020 and I was familiar with her case so I asked for the new case to be assigned to me for follow-up. On 01/21/2021, at 1850 hours, I called the listed home phone number for Ms. Freeman and found that the number was invalid. I then called the listed mobile number and spoke with Ms. Freeman who stated that Trump supporters had ordered pizza deliveries to her home for three days in a row. A CCPD Police Officer was dispatched to the home but the officer was unable to convince the pizza companies to stop delivering unless Ms. Freeman called them directly. Ms. Freeman stated that she had gone to the businesses herself and resolved the situation. Ms. Freeman also complained about Trump supporters attempting to hold a rally at her home due to some alleged voter/ ballot fraud. The rally did not occur as planned and there was no need for police action. The suspicious activity incident was an alleged Trump supporter who attempted to get Ms. Freeman to make false claims about the ballot counting for the FBI investigation of the election results. Ms. Freeman was disappointed with the service that was provided by CCPD because she was not escorted to her home by an officer after the meeting with the Trump supporter. I expressed my desire to have CCPD better serve the citizens and I asked Ms. Freeman if there was anything that I could do to assist her at this time. Ms. Freeman advised she had hired an attorney who would be in charge of any further communications with CCPD and she thanked me for taking the time to call her. This case was initially listed as cleared and it was activated so that I could access the information from my dashboard. This case will be closed again unless further information is developed. [01/21/2021 19:46, CAST, 5414, DPS” 

    Yet Ruby Freeman testified in the January 6th Committee reported June 21, 2022 that she was moved by the FBI from her home January 5, 2021 for two months. 

    Ruby Freeman is a whistleblower whose voice was silenced in the rush to cover up the election fraud.

    Below is the full body cam video from Cobb County Police:

    Below is the full Ruby Freeman door cam video:

    Below is the full audio of the Cobb County Police body cam video:

    Below is full audio of the Ruby Freeman 911 call.



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    Joel Caplan

    Google Hunter Biden China Hustle


    All part of the same dishonest deceptive RICO scam.

    Screw Biden screw the FBI scre Merrick Garland. Screw the CCP

    NCO Jones

    It won't end well for dirty criminal Vic Reynolds.


    This is already on total ignore by the lame stream left media. The apparatchiks will never allow this to surface and become an issue. And that my friends is how our corrupt system via one party will lead to a tyrannical big brother state .


    Judge Peter Thompson says no problem. Malicious intent cannot be proven.


    If the Ruby Freeman story was clearly written in a way that made sense, what would it say?

    Hmm Interesting

    She's a church fairing person, raised a family, keeps a clean decorated house, and she volunteers with elections, doing so multiple times. On this last occasion, she was told that the count was too low. Her superiors(?) proceeded to pull out, from under a table, large sealed bins that had already been counted. Her daughter asked her to use the scanner or they'd never get out of there. They rescanned(?) the ballots, put them back in the bins, AND RESEALED IT. She admitted resealing them.

    Hmm Interesting

    That may have been totally illegal, and may have actually changed the election. That one action may have changed the election.


    That might be why Trump was so happy that he wanted to show her his gratitude with pizza. He knows of the corruption ppl, unfortunately he has too much dirt with too little arm twisting info. Epstein is dead. I guess these losers in DC etc cant win their power hats on actual votes the ppl want there. Every voting fraud catch we will be on the lookout for similar. Demanding paper only, with all ppl doing work wears a bodycam. Recounts process is too expensive and open websourse it live.

    jack squat

    that soundeed retarded. this is why we can never get to the facts. some folks have too much TDS and not enough time to spend to figure out facts. stop watching fake news, its not helping you...


    This so called "news" report typed that she "re-opened" it. Listen to the audio for yourself...She says "Opened". They do this several more times in this atricle! They don't even trust you to be critical and to investigate. Just feeding you red meat! Question why?


    Where is the actual footage!?

    Westbrook Pegler

    Do you meant the footage of the multiple scans, or the footage of the interview?

    I saved the footage of the multiple scans after Google blocked it on my YouTube Channel


    the bottom of the article.


    I have trouble understanding what people are saying in transcripted speech. I really don't know what Ruby Freeman says happened with any clarity at all. Therefore I don't believe what people claim she said.

    Hmm Interesting

    She's a church fairing person, raised a family, keeps a clean decorated house, and she volunteers with elections, doing so multiple times. On this last occasion, she was told that the count was too low. Her superiors(?) proceeded to pull out, from under a table, large sealed bins that had already been counted. Her daughter asked her to use the scanner or they'd never get out of there. They rescanned(?) the ballots, put them back in the bins, AND RESEALED IT. She admitted resealing them.

    Hmm Interesting

    That may have been totally illegal, and may have actually changed the election. That one action may have changed the election.

    Hmm Interesting

    I got all of that by listening to the audio.

    Hmm Interesting

    ... and watching a police video of her in her house.

    jack squat

    she had a private facebook page where she illegally was filming mail in ballots before the counting.. and talking very strange... (saying we gonna do what we got to do).. you tell me whast that means. she did this to herself.. i saw the private videos (where 6you have to be her ":friend" to see them.. leaked. she is a crook and caused trump to lose his 2020 election and allow biden(obama) to destroy the country with the third term that obama wanted to badly to fundamentally transform USA

    D Pureblood

    I see it as treason top to bottom. During wartime and we are at multiple wars treason is punishable by death. I served 42 years and ended disabled.
    I am not happy about how things went wrong while I was away. This government has gone totally corrupt on both sides. End political parties as they are only used today to manipulate the people. It is a UNIPARTY and not dems or repubs.
    I signed up for the firing squad and I hope I get the call to work so I can get paid.

    Pauly M

    RF knew what she was doing from the jump. Treasonous as hell.

    Bob James

    Ruby Freeman was ready to talk and seems to have admitted that she was part of rigging the 2020 Election in Georgia. Hopefully we will get the full video to confirm this. If we do this will be explosive!


    Her attorney got her to shut up and play victim. Gottlieb is a pos who attacks ppl who don't agree with his narrative

    Valerie J Farris

    Get this to President Trump immediately.
    His lousy advisors will never let him see this.


    Already sent it to President Trump


    He shared a portion of it today.


    I don’t care if they cut her a deal for rolling over as long as what she says can be used against the rats running this scam. I wanna see way more than what we have seen, I wanna up the time scale. Been 5+ years for me and I’m tired of this slow reveal process. I wanna see big dogs fry.

    Jon Deaux

    Commiecrats and RINOs are members of the Deep State Uniparty and are all scum. The penalty for TREASON needs to be handed out liberally to the guilty.


    Yes, water the heck out of the Tree Of Liberty.


    So thirsty.


    All I want to know is why aren't all these people charge and sent to prison for the rest of their lives????

    Without that..., liars win.

    jack squat

    corrupt democrats are involved. you see now they are going tyo pay her 150 million dollars.. for being a crook. my integrity is waining seeing how lucrative and benefitial it is to say 2 + 2 = 5...

    T. Holladay

    Kemp, Raffensperger, Kemp’s friend who heads the GBI, the Lt. Gov., and the GA AG are ALL CORRUPT & COMPLICIT in the 2020, 2021, and 2022 ELECTION STEALS. And how many other steals & election fraud in GA are they complicit in?

    Victoria Cruz

    Ruby Freeman is a low intellect cog in the corruption machine. I'm sure that for her it was just a case of "Our team's gotta win, so let's do all that we can to achieve that." I really doubt that she knew the significance of her actions until later, and her conscience was bothering her greatly. Not only that, there was a flood of conservative ire directed at her. She just wanted protection. Unfortunately the police, FBI, SOS and DNC stepped in and made all of it go away. In addition, the Republican Party was incompetent and negligent not to devote more resources to this (another reason that party leadership needs to be changed from the top down).


    Her testimony at J6 committee ruined all that.

    She knowingly and willingly with forethought committed the most serious of crimes.

    Victoria Cruz

    Elections in Georgia have been corrupt since the introduction of machines (and probably before that with less sophisticated methods on a smaller scale). The "hanging chad" incident was orchestrated to make the people agree wholeheartedly with that change. These machines were deployed (by the US intelligence agencies) and perfected in foreign countries to install compliant leaders. After the 2000 Bush election fiasco, GA was the first state to adopt them, and one of the few states to mandate that they be used in all 159 counties. We are the leaders in machine election fraud, and many in the SOS office go on to lucrative careers with the machine companies. My own election director quit after the 2020 coup and went to work for Dominion. Our next director quit right before the midterms to work in the SOS Elections Division. These individuals have to know what is happening, but are choosing to enrich themselves instead of saving the republic.

    The machines have got to go if we ever want free and fair elections and not selections!

    Scott Plantier

    That's an interesting observation of a revolving door between election officials and Dominon/SOS. I've often said that the name choice of Dominion was an insider's joke at the company.

    Roy Messick

    Sad part is nobody gets arrested and nothing gets done about it, it's going to continue and soon we conservatives won't have a voice, we need to do something drastic and hold everyone involved accountable

    Lynn R Frank

    Where's the body cam?


    Bottom of the article just before the comments

    Tony L Bell

    Clearly no plausible explanation for the boxed ballots being hidden, and only counted after all observers had left the room. The video clearly shows the action but the election officials do not clearly explain it. Why do we suppose that is? Obviously an issues that compromises trust in the process. That in itself should be cause for comprehensive audit of the entire process and those that managed it. Wet we did not get that, why not?
    The trust is broken and evil is afoot.


    Why are we just now hearing of this? was this ever taken to court. If not, ,why not?

    It's an interesting write up, but I want to know more about what happened, or didn't happen as the case may be with this case.

    jack squat

    we knew about it from day one. i saw the video. then juliani and powell got involved and turned it into a sht show. it was on video and not video these folks knew about. it was the CC video from the site itself. so the democrat (another liar) says, oh it was my fault and explaint ied just like this.. and dems are like.. that makes sense. when normal folks are like, taht smells like shhhht.,.,

    Last edited 6 months ago by jack squat
    jack squat

    ruby needs to go for a poly.. thats all i ask. if she can pass it. i wil gladly support any pay off they want to give her. but we ALL know she can't pass one. she did this hoping to help biden (and then bidenomics crushed her, her conscience crushed her (doesn't she go to church?, and finally the conservatives who SAW the video tape of wrongdoing and that called her out on it crushed her... being a cheater is bad... but when the country calls you out on it.. well. it hits home..

    Last edited 6 months ago by jack squat
    Alicia Vaughn

    I'm from Oklahoma, but I know how it feels to go against your daughter. I also know how it is to be pressed by God to say the truth, and I think she really tried. I hope someone will call Ruby Freeman and tell her what Victoria Cruz said (above) about being a small cog in a corrupt machine. She needed the whole town behind her all the help she could get. Her story could still change our nation.

    Michael Ewing

    Where is the actual footage?


    Bottom of the article just before the comments.

    Bill Henslee

    There seems to be enough information in this transcript to warrant further investigation--but "who watches the watchers" is as true today as it was in Ancient Rome. Nobody with any sense will want the current FBI to look into this because they are proving to be corrupt at the highest levels in everything from the Russia Hoax to the Twitter scandal.


    […] For the full article, click here. […]


    Ruby F testified @ Jan 6 committee The exact opposite of this article. She also blamed Trump for ruining her life,supposedly making her a target,unable to leave her house, etc.
    I believe she did participate in election fraud/lied to J6 committee. Where is video footage? Would make a difference.


    Ruby F testified @ Jan 6 committee The exact opposite of this article. She also blamed Trump for ruining her life,supposedly making her a target,unable to leave her house, etc.
    I believe she did participate in election fraud/lied to J6 committee. Where is video footage? Would make a difference.


    Meaning to or not, RF put her both sides out there in trying to cover herself;It is now out there in Full view of everyone & cannot be undone!!

    george stevens

    So Rube Freeman worked for a Stacy "Tank" Abrams company that provided "election" workers.

    Hmmm... I wonder, how many more workers did Abrams' company provide to the vote counting effort?


    Even with this proof, nothing will be fixed and nobody will be held to account. As usual.


    Outa all this mess There’s only one video where freeman implicates herself and her daughter. The rest is incomprehensible muffled black speak.


    What ever happened to the daughter and her statement as to what went on?


    The people scanning these "fake" ballots should be prosecuted, but I KNOW they won't.

    The biggest problem in all of this is that there are very few election fraud laws, as it relates to the election officials.

    In other words, the majority of election fraud laws are written for private citizens -- not the election workers, or election "officials."

    It's assumed that the people running the election will be honest. So, there's very little on the books when it comes to charging election officials.

    Most of the time fraud is treated as a policy violation, where someone gets fired, but there's no "crime" related to that kind of fraud.

    That's what you see with the police supervisor's statement.

    * (1:03:46) Officer Supervisor: “Okay. Yeah, yeah I wouldn’t, I mean there’s no crime here, there’s nothing”

    (1:03:49) Officer 1: “Mmm Mmm, Yeah it’s, it’s just political.” *

    Sorry folks, but no matter who they get this to it will go nowhere. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation buried this. It was covered up by the FBI as well. There are too many bureaucratic institutions involved in this cover-up. Making this go public will discredit those institutions. That's why I say no chance the truth gets out.

    Just look at AZ. Kari Lake had all the evidence. The judge wouldn't allow it, and made the case about "intent." After he ruled the evidence that proves intent can't be admissible. It was a sham.

    That's judicial activism plain and simple. The courts are not going to stop this. Courts have never stopped tyranny -- ever, anywhere.


    Amen. If it goes to Court as we seen countless times since 2020 the Judge finds the Complaint has No Standing. The Supporting Evidence is not evaluated. In cases when it is evaluated it is deemed not enough to overturn the election results. It will open up a can of worms. No one wants to touch it. Look those who said years ago JFK was killed by the CIA were labeled Conspiracy Theorist. Recent released documents show Lee Harvey Oswald was known to the CIA and the FBI.


    Kari has like 13 instances but the judges will only hear 2-3 at a time then rule its not enough but collectively, it's obvious.


    "Three things can not long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." -Buddha


    Anyone with half a brain would realize that when Ruby Freeman starts talking about "it's all a fraud" she is talking about the accusations made by Rudy Giuliani and others about her cheating and counting extra ballots. That big lie is the fraud she is talking about. She thought Kutti and Harrison were there to help her expose THAT fraudulent story about her and her daughter. When she refers to the USB drives, it is the same. She is trying to get them to help her show people that it's a bunch of nonsense. She is frustrated that the FBI and Georgia Secretary of State are not doing more to make that clear to the public. She is NOT talking about a cover up of fraudulently counting extra ballots. But once people's minds are made up and they have gone down the rabbit hole, they will believe any nonsensical conspiracy theory that confirms what they want to believe. I suggest that such persons should use their time to check out the aliens at AREA 51.

    Harold Callahan

    Well apparently you don't have half a brain lol, because she says they re opened already counted boxes of ballots and scanned them again. Crawl back under your rock anonymous coward.


    OP is 100% correct!!
    This so called "news" report typed that she "re-opened" it. Listen to the audio for yourself...She says "Opened". They do this several more times in this article! They don't even trust you to be critical and to investigate. Just feeding you red meat! Question why?

    Joe Smith

    Okay, can you explain all THIS?: Ruby talked about taking ballots out from under the table, by saying, "BOOM! Under the table!" Why would she emphasize getting ballots out from under the table if it weren't a big deal? And then she began talking about how they were scanning them "so the numbers would go up" and "So, that's how the number was created, which was by the ballots going through the scanner." (edit: For some reason, I am out of space here, and will continue in the next post).

    Joe Smith

    And she said, "So, we got all of them done and we got the final count, and we put them back in the bucket, and zip tied them and put them back under the table. So, THAT'S the reason the ballots came out from under the table and we opened them up. It is serious and it is deep. It is SO real." Why would she say it is "serious and deep and SO real" if she were doing just normal things? (due to lack of space, I will continue in the next post)

    Joe Smith

    However, she didn't stop there! She began talking about the "USB ports": "But now it is the USB ports, so I need an attorney. I want go live. I'll go live on every platform, because it will blow your mind. And YOU are going to be amazed at that picture came to your mind and when you thought about me. You are going to be amazed". Why are we going to be amazed about the things she will reveal and the USB ports? (continued in the next post)

    Joe Smith

    When someone asked her why we would be amazed, she said: "I can't tell you. I want an attorney, and I want to go live. I need an attorney, and I can tell you then." Why does she need an attorney if she did nothing wrong? Why can't she simply say she did nothing wrong, if that truly is the case? Why does she want to "go live on every platform' to tell us what happened there? (continued in next post)

    Last edited 6 months ago by Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Ruby said, "It's all a fraud". She admitted right there that it's all a fraud! Anonymous, you claimed she was talking about Trump and others accusing her of cheating, but wouldn't most people just say that they are lying about her or making it up? If people were lying about you, you wouldn't say "It's all a fraud". You would say they are lying! When you add it ALL up of what she said, it is clear she is admitting fraud took place!

    […] Last month, explosive audio of Freeman speaking with mediators at the Cobb County Police Department in January of 2021 emerged online. […]


    your commitment to your cult propaqanda is impressive. The mockingbird media "baseless claims of voter fraud" "the most secure election in US history" "Trumps big lie"...your lack of facing the truth thats very clearly in front of your eyes means you are complicit to the treason. destroying "democracy" and treason. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Don't ever claim "mah dumocrasyy" ever again...the insurrection was the 2020 election. your lack of caring means you have no moral compass. you think all the same "lines" the media used, was a coincidence? No. they took Trump out and took the voice of the voters away to install a globalist puppet. you are not deserving to live in this country because traitors are the insurrectionists. this is when democracy died. by the hand of the DNC rino's and the propagandized cult that turned their blind eye to it like you. When the majority tried to stop the steal, you watched them get fedsurrected to remove any more protests by WE THE PEOPLE to get the REAL elected POTUS in. treason and you KNOW it. GOD KNOWS it. You probably don't care for Him so, you think you can just play dumb and He won't know exactly what's in your heart. HE KNOWS


    Your commitment to overlook stealing more than half the country's votes and voices is beyond risky- God always wins truth will prevail!


    Connecticut just overturned their election due to proven fraud! You people with your head in the sand are the issue. Just watching the 3 am vote flip to Biden should have raised antenna. The actual results of the election with the across the board numbers made it mathematically impossible for a Biden win. He didn't have near the votes Obama did.


    Ruby..... just a little part of the Big Lie, the Fake 2020 election. The way they ram it down our throats is only possible because they own the MSM, and because so many people actually believe the lies. What a shame. Nothing will stop the eventuality of truth revealed. It is coming. I don't care what the doomers say, it is coming. I will never allow them to make me pretend I believe them. I will teach my children the truth, and guide them not to trust anyone who follows the fake narrative. This has badly damaged our country, and our trust in Law and Order and the agencies sworn to uphold such. The pendulum is going to swing back, hard.

    Bill Tokarse

    Thanks for the INFO... This is real reporting.



    Ruby and her daughter with. Raffensberg should all be arrested and sent to gitmo. We saw her cheating. She admitted it Kemp and many more are all corrupt they stole our votes.


    Good lord she is dumb as a rock. 90% of what she babbled was incomprehensible


    I just came across this article. This is stunning. If this is all true though, how is she still suing Giuliani and how did she settle with OAN?


    Why would you not mask her address and phone number so only those who need to know. Not the whole world.



    The confession has been determined to have been staged by an impersonator of Ruby Freeman; it's not real.


    So.... the video of them pulling the containers from under the table and feeding them without observers after sending everyone home on a bogus reason is fake too? Is everything you don't want to believe fake?

    Last edited 10 months ago by Steve

    How do you explain the video of them counting ballots multiple times and the other video of Ruby and her daughter covertly passing a USB stick like they were doing a drug deal, complete with the look around which makes it obvious.




    Who determined it was fake? All anyone needs to do is request info with the county.

    Joe Smith

    So, you come here and say it was staged and fake ... but you don't give us a source where you supposedly found this out?

    Jimbo Madison

    Make sure these video files are proliferated far and wide so that they can never all be tracked down and deleted buy the fascists who are throwing innocent Americans to die in prison while the criminals rule the streets.

    Jimbo Madison

    Is there any way to boost the audio? The sound compared to the extremely loud ads that come on first is almost inaudible.


    My friend, who ran a polling loc in CA had that plus worse. And it all came from the Registrar. Gay Hispanic lib who says they stole it on Super Tues for Biden, General and they took it further for Newsome's recall election.

    He won't do it anymore. I told him to keep and print everything

    jack squat

    She cheated, and now that bidenomics is destroyuing her she is doubly upset. so democrats working for her BIG pay day so she can be full time marxist activist. She DID CHEAT, and lying makes one nervous...

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