• Konnech Dismisses Defamation Case Against True The Vote, Catherine Englebrecht And Gregg Phillips

    April 21, 2023
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    Konnech's CEO, Eugene Yu was arrested in October '22. The charges were directly in line with the observations made as a result of investigations begun across the Country following True the Votes "PIT" meeting in August '22.

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     Konnech, Inc. has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit brought against Catherine Englebrecht, Gregg Phillips and True the Vote.

    Since the case first emerged, Catherine, Gregg and True the Vote have faced opposition not only from Konnech but from the Court itself. Judge Kenneth Hoyt took the unprecedented step of placing Ms. Englebrecht and Mr. Phillips in prison for protecting the name of a key witness - something unseen in previous civil proceedings, especially in a defamation case.

    Konnech's CEO, Eugene Yu, was arrested in October, after having been charged in an indictment issued from the Los Angeles District Attorney. Yu was charged with theft of personal identifying information on millions of poll workers, and porting the information to China. Amazingly, despite the fact the CEO was charged with these crimes, Konnech's suit claimed that True the Vote had fabricated claims about Konnech and Yu.

    Earlier this week, True the Vote released additional footage, previously unseen by the public and taken during "The PIT" meeting, showing the point at which they shared their experiences with Konnech, the FBI and the resulting FBI betrayal during the initial investigation of Konnech and Eugene Yu.

    Yesterdays dismissal:

    Treue the Votes reactions to the dismissal:

    Review True the Vote's release of additional information from "The PIT" meeting

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    You both are such awesome patriots and are truly dedicated in seeking out the truth in our fraudulent elections. I’m so sorry both of you have been treated so wrong our justice system, this is just one of the example’s among many that shows just how corrupt our justice system is corrupt! Thank you for standing up for election integrity and for the citizens of this country.

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