• America-First Candidates Dominate Key Races At District GOP Conventions

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    April 23, 2023
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    Just as seen during the March County GOP conventions, Georgians are in support of candidates who will fight for America First values

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    The GOP held District Conventions across Georgia yesterday in part to select District Executive Leaders and Representatives to District and State Committees as the party prepares for their State Conference to be held in June.

    The majority of delegates appear to prefer candidates committing to an "America First" approach going forward and are demonstrating their wishes with their votes.

    6th District

    In the 6th District Convention, held in Forsyth County, Delegates voted overwhelmingly for Donna Watson as the new Chair of the District. Richard Jordan, a well-known conservative activist from Cherokee County was elected 1st Vice Chair. Representatives were also elected for District and State Committees.

    Confusion over delays and rules dominated the early part of the convention, Delegates expressed disappointment over the time required to confirm the standing of the delegates who made time on a Saturday to attend and participate. One delegate stated, "You would think they could count 300 people in less than 5 hours."

    The actual elections were not without drama unfortunately. After carefully showing the crowd the paper tickets and collection boxes which would be used for the Chairman's and 1st Vice Chair races, delegates filed up to the front of the convention facility to cast their ballots. Shortly thereafter, election officials took the boxes into a back room and out of sight of the delegation.

    Within a few minutes there were reports of a "secret count" going on and gentlemen were observed standing in front of the windows to the back room to prevent observation. Many delegates called this a dramatic mistake and recalled Cherokee County where election procedures were conducted in clear view of the convention floor.

    11th District

    The 11h District, saw drama last month as a group unhappy with the County Convention, (some of whom lost their races) attempted to overturn the Convention along with the slate of America First candidates who had been elected to lead Cherokee.

    Yesterday, the 1th District's message was clear as they choose America First leaders for much of the District Executive Committee along with the District and State Committee members.

    David Oles won the District 11 Chairman's seat with Chris Mora being elected as 1st Vice Chair.

    14th District

    The 14th District too focused on unabashed conservatives leading with America First commitments. A delegate described the proceedings this way, "We have a Trump Train in the Mighty 14th."

    Down in the 1st District, Kandiss Taylor won her race for Chairperson as well.


    It seems clear from the elections to date that Georgia is ready to enthusiastically embrace the America First approach. In the coming weeks, State GOP Candidates will likely have to make a choice to confirm their America First commitments or face delegates who want a different approach.

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    Michele Sarkisian

    Excellent news! Corruption and deceit, of course, continues as you’ve described. They often must hide in back rooms just as they did in the 2020 general election. The public, however, is Not Having It anymore. God Bless the Patriots!

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