• BREAKING: Palm Beach County Election Officials Caught Falsifying Machine Election Reports As Pressure Builds In Florida Over Discovery Of Massive Machine Election Fraud

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    May 2, 2023
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    Protestor at Palm Beach County recount during 2000 election aftermath.
    Image by Daniel Tobias

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    Pressure has been building in the 'not so free' state of Florida as activists have discovered a massive scheme that likely exists in other states across the nation -- the use of 'blank ballots' designated by election machines to 'readjudicate' ballots by software in large numbers.

    In other words, ballots are designated as 'blank' when cast, then the machine software decides who the voter should have voted for.

    For instance, in Miami-Dade County in 2020, 68,000 ballots were designated as 'blank' by election machines. In some precincts, the number equaled 20% of ballots cast. In the 2022 midterm election, this number went to essentially zero (400) as activists had begun making public the 'blank ballot' scheme.

    However, in 2022 some counties didn't get the memo. Broward County still showed 10% 'blank ballots' cast.

    This phenomenon obviously makes no sense. It is statistically improbably that 68k voters in 2020 cast blank ballots in Miami-Dade. The issue is rampant across Florida.

    After discovering this machine election fraud scheme, activists began asking for machine election reports across the state via open records requests.

    Legislators noticed, and just recently passed an 'election fraud bill', SB7050/HB7067 in Florida. Guess what? The bill removes statutory access by the public to the reports used by activists to discover and prove the massive machine election fraud.

    No reports, no fraud...right?

    However, reports recently provided by Palm Beach County, after a lengthy illegal delay, have added another wrinkle to this story -- illegal alteration of machine election reports by county officials.

    Here is an 'EL-45' report provided by Palm Beach County this week -- notice anything wrong? Look at the 'run date' -- 1984.

    More shenanigans were discovered on follow-on report requests.

    You can read evidence regarding Palm Beach County on the email string below:

    This EL45A Report was sent this morning from the PBC SOE Office

    Note the Run Date: 09/1/84 04:23am

    How and why would the report have a run date in 1984?

    After receiving this report we requested the EL52 and EL30A Report for the same election.

    Something interesting happened after the request. The EL45A File in the PBC SOE Portal Changed.

    This is what the NEW and improved report looked like:

    New Run Date, However the verification hash at the top of the page was gone.


    When we look at the EL52 we can see some interesting data.

    Fractional votes...

    And 125% Voter Turnout

    Where is Governor Ron's election crime unit?

    Where is the Florida attorney general?

    Don't look at what is happening in Florida....and across the nation...these aren't the droids you're looking for..........

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