• Judge Amy Totenberg's Courtroom Back In The Election Spotlight

    By Staff
    May 5, 2023

    On Tuesday, in U.S. District Court, Judge Totenberg heard arguments by Georgia election officials who want a long standing case challenging the Dominion voting systems to be decided in their favor rather than having the case go to trial.

    Photo: Northern District of Georgia Bankruptcy Court

    On Tuesday, Judge Totenberg heard motions filed by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger and members of the state election board arguing that the plaintiffs had failed to show any individual harm as a result of any election official actions and that the claims put forth in the suit are without merit.

    The case was originally filed in 2017 by a group of individual voters along with the Coalition for Good Governance.   It contains a number of specific challenges to the use of Dominion voting systems including the inability of voters to be able to confirm the information included in the infamous barcode printed on every ballot.    System vulnerabilities are also considered, especially since CISA issued their report in June 2022, listing nine significant vulnerabilities of Dominion system and software.

    Judge Totenberg has been in the Election spotlight previously. In 2018 she scolded Kemp, saying that Kemp and his lieutenants “buried their heads in the sand,” citing the “major data breach” and saying that Kemp’s mismanagement has “grave consequences beyond the result of any specific election.”

    Voters in Georgia (and across the Country) wonder why, with some many indications of risk and potential fraud, so few Courts have been willing to review the evidence presented in hundreds of cases brought since 2020.

    Notably, many of those associated with elections in Georgia will be attending a meeting in Washington DC next Monday and Tuesday to discuss the 2024 Elections.  Brad Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling, Ryan Germany, Jordan Fuchs and several County election officials are due to attend, and in some cases speak, during the “Summit on American Democracy,” an event hosted by David Becker and his organization CEIR – the Center for Election Innovation & Research.    

    Previous reports have highlighted ties between David Becker, the PEW organization and George Soros. Becker founded the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and had to step down from their Board recently after a number of States withdrew from their agreements with ERIC. These States cited errors and concerns about potential sharing of personal data, along with questions about whether ERIC was helping clean voter rolls or simply making the problems worse.

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    Lets send the judge to Washington DC with Raffensperger and sit in on all the meetings with all the machine people.

    Rocky jackson

    Well round up and arrest deport & banish from American Soil forever all these worthless cowards

    Vincent Florio

    Anything electronic can be hacked & manipulated. If the FBI can track someone’s location through their computer or cell phone - they can reach into voting machines. The claim that they’re “not connected to the internet” is ridiculous….how do thousands of machines get localized results to 1 central State location (& 50 States & territories to one central national location?).

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