• Raffensperger Played Key Role In CEIR Summit Discussions - Why?

    By Staff
    May 10, 2023

    Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger sat on several panels during the Summit on American Democracy held this week by David Becker's Center for Election Innovation & Research.

    Photo: Livestream capture

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    The Georgia Record / CD media this week covered the Center for Election Innovation and Research Summit meeting in Washington DC. Dozens of State and election officials from across the country (notably including attendees from many of the swing states) converged on the International Spy Museum location for a meeting hosted by David Becker, founder of ERIC and CEIR.

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was joined by attorney Ryan Germany, Deputy Secretary, Jordan Fuchs, Joseph Kirk, the Election Director from Bartow County; and Julietta Henry, the Deputy Director for the Board of Elections in DeKalb County as attendees to the invitation-only meeting.

    Last week, after the existence of the planned meeting became public, CEIR added a live stream to their website in an apparent attempt to make the proceedings appear transparent.

    Inexplicably, few of the attendees were open to making any comment about their expectations or planned speeches as they entered the venue. Most seemed to take steps to try to avoid our coverage and cameras on their way in, and on their way out. 

    In one notable example, Ryan Germany appeared to inform local police officers who were standing by that Brad Raffensberger would be approaching in a few minutes.

    At one point,, when asked if he believed the People of Georgia were now confident in their elecions, Mr. Raffensperger said yes:

    David Becker, his Panelists and attendees spoke consistently about the need to move past "election denialism" and cited cases where "no evidence" had been found (apparently overlooking that lack of evidence does not prove lack of fraud.)

    At one point Raffensperger contradicted himself by saying that the "top of the ticket" (President, Senate, etc.) races are the most prevalent, yet then admitted that down-ballot races in Georgia received 5-7% more votes.

    He explained this by saying the Georgians in 2020 could not find a "next Great Leader" among the candidates for President ........

    CBS' Major Garrett finally asked Raffensperger about the breaking release from the West Virginia Secretary of State in which that SoS who was quoted as saying he is now "convinced the 2020 election was stolen." Raffensperger pivoted to talk about business tactics and the need to "face the brutal truth" without directly answering his analysis of the WV SoS comments.

    Later in the afternoon, Raffensperger also said that candidates who remain "Stop the Steal" oriented will not receive the needed votes to succeed. We wonder how the Secretary would know such a thing more than 18 months prior to the election..........

    The Georgia Record will continue our reporting on the event in our next series of articles.

    View our Video on the CEIR Summit attendees here.

    Our first article on the "Secret" CEIR Summit here.

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    More votes down ballot then for President? Meaning they took away votes? Can’t keep up with Raffys lies. Hand count the paper ballots! Election night at the voting polls. 100% transparency.

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