• BREAKING: Fulton Co. Counterfeit Ballot Case Remanded Back To Lower Court After Supreme Court Standing Upheld

    By Staff
    May 11, 2023

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    The Georgia Court of Appeals has issued an order remanding the Fulton County counterfeit ballot case back to the Superior Court for all Fulton County petitioners.

    Voter GA Press Release is shown below:

    Voter GA reported today that they have received official notice that their case has been remanded back to Fulton Superior Court, as was ordered by the Georgia Supreme Court, following their review of the case last year.

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    No repercussion for those in the judiciary who blatantly abrogated the rights of citizens in that election?

    Larry Folds

    Americans must wake up to the fact that justice is actually dead and that our leaders, both right and left, don't give a damn about us. Wake up. Our nation has been stolen so the autocrats and plutocrats can control everything. We are just worker bees, so shut up

    Mad Celt

    Get the duopoly out of government! Our problems are largely conflict between them jockeying for position.

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