• Raffensperger Trying To Squash Halderman Report With Election Departments And Boards, Is The Facade Coming Down?

    By Staff
    June 20, 2023

    Yesterday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger sent out a letter to Election Departments in an apparent attempt to explain away the damning Halderman report which was released last week.

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     In his letter, Raffensperger states "Georgia's Election System is secure," and portrays the Halderman report as simply the result of a computer scientist in a laboratory environment. He goes on to refer readers instead to the MITRE report as a source for facts. He is apparently relying to MITRE to quell the concerns raised by Halderman.

    Unfortunately, experts from over two dozen organizations have now called on MITRE to retract its report stating in part, "MITRE's entire analysis is predicated on an assumption known to be wrong."

    Raffensperger's letter goes on to try and disclaim Dr. Haldermans findings and conclusions while also attempting to discredit those bringing actual data forward.

    As an example, Raffenspergers states  "These two groups make ever-shifting, but always baseless, assertions that Georgia's election system is at risk..."

    On the contrary, the facts show that the concerns about the systems have been consistent and are growing more alarming as new findings are disclosed. Raffensperger has known the contents of the Halderman report since July 2021, yet as denied any meaningful risk to our elections throughout the last two years.

    Notably, the report comes close on the heels of Election Directors reporting serious and broadly identified errors coming the Georgia's GARVIS system, a system decided upon by Brad Raffenseperger in early 2022, which was launched in April 2022, turned off because of issues two weeks later, relaunched on Feb 1, 2023 and which today is reportedly producing voter registration errors 14 months after it's intial "release."

    The Georgia Record reported on just one example of these errors in the last two weeks. The "last date voted" is incorrect for millions of voters (perhaps all voters in Georgia) based on the May 2023 voter rolls. None of the registrations in Counties checked shows that any voter cast a vote after 2021.

    An example of the issue is illustrated above in Cherokee County.

    To make matters worse, election personnel are now admitting other current faults within GARVIS.

    Inability to obtain reports.

    Inability to use the system dashboard

    Inability to provide precinct cards.

    Inconsistent voter data between previous E-Net systems and GARVIS system.

    And more.....

    With election personnel and election boards around the State wondering what the impact may be on forthcoming elections, the Georgia State Election Board has now stepped in and asked Mr. Raffensperger to appear tomorrow and answer question surrounding the Halderman report.

    What will Georgians hear tomorrow? More "everythings fine" talk or real answers for a change.?

    Readers can find meeting info here https://sos.ga.gov/page/state-election-board-meetings-events

    The SEB web page indicates the meeting will be livestreamed:

    Livestream Link: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8988933

    The Coaltion for Good Governance also released a statement following the letter regarding MITRE's report:

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    Ted Hatfield

    I have been quite impressed at the quality of the reporting that can be found at the GA Record!

    But as encouraging as that is, the question still remains:

    What legal action can be taken to rid Georgia of all these corruptocrats?!?

    We have more than enough information; what is needed is ACTION.


    Corruption runs rampant in our country. One by one the corrupt politicians need to be voted out! Do some research on these crooks and then vote them out! Some have been in way to long!


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