• Real Republicans Not Fooled By The Formation Of "Republican Coalitions” That Are Corporations Not Political Parties

    By Staff
    June 22, 2023

    Did Kemp pick up some new ideas during his Davos trip?  If your party doesn’t support you just form a new one?

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    Several weeks ago The Georgia Record reported on the formation of a corporation in Cherokee County which appeared to be aligning to challenge the Cherokee County Republican Party.   Some of the people who ran for seats on the Cherokee GOP Committee, but lost in their elections, are reported to part of the group who formed the organization

    Legal experts say the Cherokee County Republican Coalition, Inc. is a corporation, not a political party and as such is not subject to federal or state election laws.

    Just two days ago Harry Johnston and the Cherokee County Commission chose to ignore a Republican nominee to the Cherokee County election board and instead appointed someone from this newly formed corporation.   Citizens say this violates the law currently in force and breaks with decades-long legal precedent.

    The Georgia Record has now learned that these republican “coalitions” appear to be popping up in counties across Georgia.  At the time of posting there are 17 such companies listed on the Secretary of State’s Business Search site. 

    Who is forming them?

    All but one lists Brent Herrin, a Kemp appointee, as registered agent or filer.

    In 2021, Herrin was appointed to the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Counselors.  Is he organizing these companies in support of Kemp?  This is still unclear but would certainly make sense.

    When the first Cherokee organization was formed they were reportedly spotted at the Jekyll Brewery in Woodstock, apparently celebrating the new venture.   In the following days The Georgia Record placed a call to Georgia House Representative Jordan Ridley, who was reported to be associated with the new group 

    When asked the purpose of the organization, Mr. Ridley explained that it was very much in line with Brian Kemp's previous statements of a need to move away from the existing Republican Party.

    Move away from the Republican Party? For what purpose?  We don't yet know.    Seems an odd position for someone who received over 70% of the vote just a few months ago.

    Sources familiar with the matter suggest that Kemps anti-Trump stance would not play well with real Republicans, evidenced by the grand reception Trump received during the recent statewide GOP convention.

    Meanwhile what is Kelly Loeffler’s role?

    The Georgia Record has also learned that Kelly Loeffler spoke in Paulding County yesterday, promoting “grassroots efforts” and making herself appear to be one of the grassroots crowd.  Unfortunately, folks who are familiar with her actions in the past two years would say that she's been conspicuously absent from grassroots efforts up until this point.  

    Following release of the Halderman report, Loeffler sent out a note pushing the Secretary of State's office to implement so-called “fixes” to the election systems.   Apparently ignorant of Halderman’s conclusions, Loeffler overlooked the fact that the Halderman report actually states that fixes won't work with Georgia’s election systems because they're not designed nor built to be secure.   This position has been reinforced by VoterGA in conference calls and in their written communication to all election directors across Georgia in the last 24 hours.

    So what's this all about?

    We don't yet know for sure, but sources theorize that Mr. Kemp may be attempting in some way to form enough “fake” republican organizations to try and influence our primaries and thereby limit Georgian’s choices during the 2024 election.

    Is Kelly Loeffler and her fortune working to support this?  At this point it isn't clear, but Georgia’s voters would be wise to quickly acquaint themselves with the REAL Republican Party in their Counties and watch carefully for emergence of one of these “corporations” trying to pass themselves off as part of the Republican Party.

    Georgia’s voters would be wise to quickly acquaint themselves with the REAL Republican Party in their Counties and watch carefully for emergence of one of these “corporations” trying to pass themselves off as part of the Republican Party.

    Ironically the term “Republican In Name Only” (RINO) may prove to be ahead of it's time and now most applicable to these newly forming corporations.

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    Sarah Webster

    Kelly Loeffler has been very busy promoting her fundraising arm (GreaterGeorgia) and IMO- she and her NYSE buds and have much to gain financially from a hostile RINO takeover of the GOP. The ties to Chinese companies setting up shop in GA are directly related.


    Back in 2020, after she lost her congressional seat, she did an interview in her home; I don't remember who did the interview, but what stands out vividly in my memory was that viewers could see a portrait of Mao Tse Tung by Andy Warhol hanging in the room.

    Ruth E

    Kelly Loffler is bought!

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