• Georgia Freedom Caucus Calls For Complete Fix To Georgia Election System Problems

    June 27, 2023
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    They want paper ballots and hand counting, not a patch that the Halderman report and other experts say won't work.

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    Following on the heels of calls by Kelly Loeffler and others pushing for "fixes" or "patches" to Georgia's Election Systems, the Georgia Freedom Caucus today issued their latest Newsletter which calls for a complete solution.

    ...And to be clear, we didn’t ask for a patch, we called for the issue to be fixed. Completely. We will not ever trust Dominion. We will not ever trust QR codes. We want paper. We want hands counting them. This isn’t complicated....

    The newsletter, penned by Mallory Staples, continues below.

    What’s it going to take?

    Last night in Forsyth County it hit me in real time as I was talking with the Tea Party group that hosted us. There is no better group of people to pressure Governor Kemp into calling a special session than our Senators and House Representatives. We asked everyone to call the SOS and the Governor yesterday to address the problem of our compromised and vulnerable elections. And to be clear, we didn’t ask for a patch, we called for the issue to be fixed. Completely. We will not ever trust Dominion. We will not ever trust QR codes. We want paper. We want hands counting them. This isn’t complicated.

    We make a difference when we light up their phone lines, this is true. But, can you imagine what a difference it would make if our reps, yes the ones who REPRESENT us, all sent letters to Kemp requesting a special session too? Our representatives don’t get to sit this one out. No way.

    The people who are supposed to carry our voice down to the dome and to do the will of the people need to get in the game with us and I mean immediately. They are elected to LEAD the will of the people they represent. They are coming up on re-election season so odds are they will be very sensitive to the needs of their constituents.

    Let’s call our Senators and Representatives and ask them to do just that. Per Article 5, Section 2, Paragraph 7 of the Georgia Constitution it states, “the Governor shall convene the General Assembly in special session for all the purposes whenever three-fifths of the members to which each house is entitled certify to the Governor in writing, with a copy to the Secretary of State, that in their opinion an emergency exists in the affairs of state. The General Assembly may convene itself if, after receiving such certification, the Governor fails to do so within three days, excluding Sundays.”

    Below is the button to find your Senators and Representatives if you don’t already have them in your contacts. Please call them and ask that they follow the Constitution above and request in writing that Governor Kemp call a special session to overhaul our election process and get rid of the machines.

    Find Your Senators & Representatives

    As always, we are honored to be in this fight together and won’t let up one bit. We need you to forward this to every group you know and share on social media. This is the moment in Georgia- no holding back! With 2024 elections near, we need to move quickly.

    Grateful for you,


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