• Are More "Republicans" Stacking Obstacles In Trump's Way?

    July 7, 2023
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    Photo: War Room: Real America's Voice

    As was last seen 2015, Steve Bannon and Laura Loomer discuss how RINOs are forming barriers to Trump's nomination

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    A trend is emerging in which those who seemingly were Trump supporters are being uncovered as something else, in some cases they now appear to be "never-again Trumpers."

    Laura Loomer reported on the late-night communications House Speaker McCarthy had, apparently in preparation to modify California's Delegate laws in order to move some delegates away from the presumed frontrunner - Trump, and toward a runner-up such as DeSantis.

    Additionally Florida has announced that primary candidates must take a loyalty pledge to support the eventual nominee in that winner-take-all State.

    See more of Laura Loomers findings on her substack: HERE

    Here in Georgia, Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger and others have made it quite clear that they will not support Trump. Raffenspergers office has said hey will not even confirm the election schedule until December, a scant three months before the primary date Raffensperger has announced.

    From a structural perspective, "Republican Coalitions" are springing up in key Counties, and in one case have already been given a Republican seat on a Board of Elections that was previously allocated for "Real Republican" GOP appointment. When questioned, a member of the Georgia House of Representatives admitted that the Coalition is in line with Kemps statement of a need to move away from the Republican party.

    Also this week, George Magazine contributor Alex Newman published an article entitled: Could Trump Finally Make A Third Party a Reality? {GEORGE Magazine]

    It seems the wishes of the Real Republican Conservatives are being acknowledged, but perhaps RINOs only want to craft strategies to defeat these wishes.

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