• Paper Ballots And Hand Counting Shown In Action In Spalding County

    July 11, 2023
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    Citizens gathered at the park on Solomon Street to hear from election experts and see how paper balloting and hand counting may be implemented.

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    Attendees heard from several experts in election operations. David Cross, widely recognized for his work on election integrity across Georgia, spoke about the opportunity for Counties to self-determine their method for conducting elections. He cited Georgia codes along with documented previous court cases in which Raffensperger went on the record stating they do not have authority over county election officials.

    Clint Curtis also spoke of the need for both parties to be aware and working toward election integrity so that elections would have no need of constantly being questioned and distrusted. He then set the stage for the actual ballot counting demonstration. Mr. Curtis showed how a simple system. at a fraction of the cost of current voting machines, would allow ballot counting to be accomplished. Persons from both parties work side-by-side, while video taping the entire process and ensuring accuracy after each batch of 50 ballots.

    Attendees at the event were already asking questions about how best to present the information to their local Counties and how to explain the process and costs to their Election departments.

    While considering moving to paper ballots and hand counting, the City of Milton identified over $250,000 in cost savings in the first year alone. If they are any example, Counties may find reduced cost along with increased Voter confidence by considering a move to paper ballots.

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