• Spoiled Ballots! Proclaimed At The Georgia State Capitol Today

    By Staff
    August 1, 2023

    An overflowing room greeted the Georgia State Election Board Members today. Dozens filled the available seats with others being asked to wait outside by the fire marshal.

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    Today at the Georgia State Capitol, at a meeting of the State Election Board, Kevin Muldowney of Fulton County stood alongside over 50 courageous citizen to break through the iron curtain of election integrity rhetoric. The public commentary was wholeheartedly concerned with the illegal, impracticable, and inaccurate voting system, conditions which require the full institution of paper ballots.

    In this video, Mr. Muldowney uttered two lethal words that election officials have been dreading for years: SPOILED BALLOT. This changes everything. The movement to restore constitutional voting rights in the great State of Georgia by offering citizens legal, official paper ballots is in full throttle effort.

    Spoiled ballot means the ballot is mismarked, mutilated, rendered impossible to determine the voter's intent, or marked so as to violate the secrecy of the ballot (25 CFR § 81.4). Under GA Law, a spoiled ballot may not be reinstated, making it effectively VOID.

    The Georgia ballots are so spoiled that the Secretary of the State of Georgia has removed the directions for spoiling ballots from the ballot itself. It appears they are so concerned that the very IDEA of "spoiled ballot" enter the minds of citizens, that they removed the required directions altogether.

    GA Election Code § 21‐2‐285 mandates that “(1) Directions that explain how to cast a vote and how to obtain a new ballot after one is spoiled shall appear immediately under this caption on a ballot presenting the names of candidates for election to office as specified by the rules and regulations of the State Election Board." The law also states that "(2) Marks made in violation of these directions shall be disregarded in the counting of the votes cast. The names of persons inserted on the ballot by the elector shall be written only within the write-in space provided and the insertion of such names outside such column or by the use of a sticker, paster, stamp, or other printed or written matter is prohibited."

    It may be just as well to cast the barcode paper with a blind-fold, because it appears to clearly meet the standard of "prohibited material." Not even county election officials have a decoder.

    Barcodes are an established tool to HIDE and ENCODE information. Yet, Georgians are forced to have their sacred votes ENCODED and then printed within ENCODED BARCODES on illegal "ballot-like papers." Electors have a right to know how they cast. However, those unreadable, unverifiable barcodes are then scanned by the current optical voting system and then tabulated. This is a ZERO fidelity system.

    It doesn't matter what the text summary says underneath the barcode, which less than 10% of citizens inspect. Not even that is right. GA Election Code § 21-2-300 mandates that electronic ballot markers produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector’s choices in a format readable by the elector, however, the Master Solution Agreement (3.1) between the Dominion and the State of Georgia states that “The ballot contains a written summary of the voter’s choices. GA Election Code § 21-2-480 (i) The ballots shall vary in form only as the names of precincts, offices, candidates, or this chapter may require. The SUMMARY meets no statutory standard whatsoever. And, no weak declaration of law can cover this illegal mess.

    More Facts: Did you know that the term "barcode" is mentioned ZERO times in the entire GA Election Code, and is therefore not legislated to be “required” on any ballot? This feature spoils any ballot-like paper produced by a Ballot Marking Device (BMD), causing them to fail to meet the legally-required statutory form standard of an “Official Ballot” suitable for casting.

    Five citizens in five Georgia counties carried this claim on Dec 6, 2022, the day of the U.S. Senate run-off election, into their respective superior courts under the election day contest provision of GA Election Code § 21-2-412. Citizens in Pierce, Athens-Clarke, Bulloch, Fulton, and Cobb County presented a written complaint and a photocopy of a ballot paper from a Bartow County citizen to their respective courts. All simply asked the judge to VOID their spoiled ballot and commence with the procedures necessary and required by law. Three judges denied hearings and two others released findings such as suggesting the citizen find other ways to vote, if they didn't "believe" the ballots to be legal. The complaint included citations of over 20 violated laws, with demonstrated examples.

    The judges failed.

    After appealing to the GA Supreme Court and being fully accepted as an election contest under the GA Constitution, appellants from Fulton, Bulloch, and Cobb counties were able to develop the case for spoiled ballots. They assert that the filing of these fraudulent returns requires immediate judicial orders, with federal grounds. Court orders should have been given back on Dec 6, 2022, as they were similarly given to extend poll hours in many precincts across the state.

    GA Election Code § 21‐2‐480 mandates that (i) The official ballots produced through the optical scanning voting equipment shall vary in form only as the names of precincts, offices, candidates, or this chapter may require. The Secretary of State has no authority to add non-legislated features to the ballot through any means. The GA SOS also cannot omit required features.

    The Spoiled Ballot Definition can be found in the Official Compilation of the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia, Georgia Election Code, Absentee Voting, § 183-1-14-.07. According to this rule, which is supported by at lest 16 sections of the GA Election Code, there are seven standards for assessing whether a ballot is spoiled. The "ballot-like papers" produced by the BMD appear to excessively meet all seven standards to deem a ballot spoiled and completely unable to be reinstated.

    Under GA Election Code 21-2-412, the election day contest provision that the brave appellants used to carry in their complaints on Dec 6, 2022, the superior courts shall have ordered and secured necessary compliance with anything under Chapter 2 that was brought to their attention. The definition of "necessary" includes "essential." The procedure for handling spoiled ballots is a necessary process fundamental to all election processing. The court absolutely had the authority to order it, and failed to do so.

    The following are mandatory steps enumerated in GA Election Code 21-2-483:

    (d) Upon completion of tabulation of the votes, the superintendent shall cause to be completed and signed a ballot recap form, in sufficient counterparts, showing: (2) The number of spoiled and invalid ballots. The superintendent shall cause to be placed one copy of the recap form and the defective, spoiled, and invalid ballots, each enclosed in an envelope, in the ballot supply container. (h) The ballots, spoiled, defective, and invalid ballots, and returns shall be filed and retained as provided by law.

    GA Election Code § 21-2-438 also describes that (a) Ballots not marked or improperly or defectively marked so that the whole ballot is void shall be set aside and shall be preserved with the other ballots. Procedures for further handling voided ballots can be found in GA Election Code § 21-2-500.

    The Election Superintendents in every Georgia county appear to have no choice at this time, but to immediately collaborate with the constitutional officers in their counties and rigorously defend Article IX of the Georgia Constitution. This is called Constitutional Home Rule. The Georgia Constitution Art. II, § 2, Par I, reads - "Elections by the people shall be by secret ballot and shall be conducted in accordance with procedures provided by law" (emphasis added). The county election officials must acting with firm ministerial duty, or be written into Georgia history as a treasonous band responsible for destroying representative government in our state. There are good people serving as public election officials, but it appears that we can only be rescued from the oligarchs with the support and accountability of the citizenry.

    The path is simple - secure paper ballots, the same used for over 200 years in many Georgia counties.

    If the counties fail, many citizens estimate that this the near certain demise of Georgia's representative government.

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    rd scott

    Yeah, they'll only be able to vote twice per election now, and their dead ancestors can now only vote one time per election.

    gypo o'leary

    this article got down into the weeds and started citing election code, etc. but it fails at the beginning to explain what the election board meeting was about, what the problem was in simple terms, and what the voters were there to protest about. you need to add a paragraph at the beginning which outlines the point of this article.

    I read it and don't understand what the voters were trying to accomplish. And adding a video at the beginning...doesn't replace concise properly written news.


    I hope one day all the election crooks are locked up including Ratberger…….l

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