• Is Forsyth County Following Kemp's Lead? Commissioners Allow Nomination Not Compliant With Law To Go Through

    By Staff
    September 5, 2023

    Source" The Commissioners all knew months ago there was an issue and refused to correct it."

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    This morning, despite concerns from across the county and state, Joel Natt was sworn in for another term on the Forsyth County’s board of registrations and elections.

    According to sources, the method by which Natt's nomination was conducted did not comply with county nor state law, and should have been voided and replaced with a lawful nomination.

    The County Commission was advised of the issue months earlier this year and failed to correct the problem.

    A citizen activist Hank Sullivan has been publishing updates for several months leading up to today's swearing in.

    Final Communication With Forsyth County Commission Regarding Appointment of Joel Natt to Board of Elections

    Mr. Sullivan's substack articles are listed below:


    Final Communication With Forsyth County Commission Regarding Appointment of Joel Natt to Board of Elections


    Why the Forsyth County Democrat Party Wants Joel Natt in the Open Board of Elections Seat


    My Letter to Forsyth County Commissioners Formally Requesting a Written Response


    Outgoing Establishment Republicans Make Unlawful Run to Control Forsyth County I Board, Commissioners Do Nothing


    Natt whose position requires him (and the rest of the Board) to maintain clean accurate and timely voter rolls for the county, was captured on hidden video last year stating that he voted against a group of 12,000 challenges because he was fearful of being sued.   

    He then went so far as to admit that he agreed with the challenges and believed that Forsyth voter rolls were as much as 20% inflated by registrations which should not exist.

    This would seem to be a serious problem given that Forsyth voter rolls currently top 170,000.  If Natt’s own estimate is correct that would suggest 34,000 invalid registrations exist in the County’s database.  (Three times the margin of “victory” in the 2020 election.)

    In the past few weeks, Catherine Englebrecht disclosed a meeting she had with Brad Raffensperger’s team in the period prior to the 2020 Election.  During that meeting she told Raffensperger that True the Vote had identified over 360,000 invalid registrations within Georgia voter rolls.   Raffensperger’s team did some quick calculations and indicated they thought the number was about right – yet did NOTHING to clean these registrations from the rolls prior to the 2020 election.    The problem:  over 60,000 of these registrations were used to cast votes in 2020.  More than five times the supposed margin of victory.

    Given the Forsyth County Commissioners refusal to address and correct this unlawful nomination – which has now become an unlawfully seated member of Board of Registrations and Elections - one cannot help but notice the similarity of response between Forsyth County and Raffenspergers office when faced with unlawful process.  Inaction and silence.

    The Forsyth County News published a story on the nomination of Natt last week.   They too received no answer on their questions from The County Commissioners, their attorney, nor Jerry Marinich, prior Chairman of the Forsyth GOP and the one who presented the unlawful nomination. 

    Sources state that Marinich produced an unsigned letter to the County Commission months ahead of when it was due, in which he stated Natt was being nominated, in an apparent attempt to circumvent the ability of the incoming Executive Board’s ability to run a selection process and provide a lawful nomination.

    Natt is on record testifying before the Georgia legislature AGAINST the election integrity bill.   In his comments he complained about having to buy more copy paper and that it would be more difficult to keep poll workers.

    Photo: AJC

    Those close to the matter suggest the issues are far from over and cite Georgia law which provides several avenues to uncover and pursue the lack of action by the County Commission, Natt and others. They point out that the County Commissioners were made fully aware of the laws requirements many months ago and had plenty of time to void the unlawful nomination and replace it with a lawfully made nomination.  

    They also note that Oaths taken by public officials in Georgia require them to uphold the laws and Constitution of Georgia as well as the Constitution of the U.S. and state today’s action may have violated the Oaths of a number of officials.

    Why are these people appearing to ignore this problem? Is this any different from Kemp pretending to see no reason to call Fani Willis into question? " ... I have not seen any evidence that DA Willis' actions or lack thereof warrant action by the prosecuting attorney oversight commission..."

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    Forsyth Citizen

    It appears Mr. Sullivan is more upset the 12,000+ voters were not challenged and he, and other activists, are using the cover of this appointment challenge to get rid of Natt.

    While I feel Sullivan has the right to be upset, he and the Forsyth GOP leadership are being disingenuous and mislead the citizens of Forsyth County. Oddly, this is the same tactic used by Democrats when they spin up a story to cover for their actions.

    Sullivan's writings are downright weird.

    Proud F.C. GOP member

    Forsyth Citizen, it’s hard to be disingenuous with FACTS. Were you there? Have you attended a Forsyth GOP meeting…ever? I for one know for a FACT that Mr. Natt was the only disingenuous part in all of this along with Jerry Marinich as his liaison.

    Like it or not, this story is the truth.

    Forsyth Citizen

    Hello there GOP Member, can you help me and others understand the facts you are talking about. I read the county's lawyer even says the law was followed. Many would like to know what facts you have that the attorney did not. Please enlighten us how you know more than an attorney who specializes in government.

    Like it or not, only real facts can be considered.

    I'll wait.


    Just a heads up: I have a condensed, SEVEN hour video from Forsyth, Ga., in 2007, at their DMV office. It shows a LOT of illegals and others coming and going, and leaving with that feces eating grin they wear, while white residents were there ALL DAY LONG!!! It's UNBELIVABLE!! And the near riot is stopped when several state troopers arrive to "remove" the LEGAL citizens.

    A "reckoning" is coming and it's going to be HORRIBLE for the commutarded. NOT us citizens.


    There is NO rule of law, anymore. There is Democrats doing whatever they like and using the DOJ as a political weapon. They do this OVERTLY, without explanation, justification, or excuse. And America accepts it.

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