• With Polls Crumbling DeSantis PAC Leader Flips to Support Trump

    By Staff
    September 5, 2023
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    DeSantis now faces opposition from former leader of one of the PACs who "drafted" DeSantis to run. John Thomas, former head of a Super PAC formed to support DeSantis' campaign.

    Thomas is not alone as other PAC members have gotten cold-feet given DeSantis' many missteps and goofs during the past months. The "EGG MAN" episode has become the personal favorite of many DeSantis detractors since he got caught on camera during the Iowa State Fair spending more time talking to vendors and spearing eggs than speaking to Iowa attendees:

    John Thomas said President Trump has run a “nearly flawless campaign” and that “we are revers[ing] course to get behind Donald Trump.

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