• As Facts Pile Up Against Raffensperger, Gabe Sterling And News Services Attempt To Resteer Attention Away From The Facts

    December 26, 2023


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    Citizen researcher Joseph Rossi has called out Gabriel Sterling for trying to deflect the facts that are now in evidence with the State Election Board and in the public eye.

    Gabe Sterling posted the following on Twitter on December 18, the day before dozens of people spoke before the State Election Board to show that they know and understand the facts presented to the SEB regarding the "Errors, Lies and Cover-up" being perpetuated against the people of Georgia.

    Sterling speaks of "Lies" but the Lies testified to before the State Election Board on Tuesday the 19th involved apparent attempts by SEB/SoS Investigators, Charlene McGowan (Asst. AG, now General Counsel for the SoS), and certain members of the SEB itself, to redirect attention away from Raffensperger even though the "Errors" involve, in part, 36 errors researched and confirmed in writing by Gov Brian Kemps office in late 2021.

    Those involved in the "cover-up" seem to be in chaos trying to figure out how to deal with the information found.

    On December 15th, just before the SEB meeting scheduled for December 19th, a key case showing additional detail on the issues was removed from the SEB agenda. Why? Sources say that after months of supposed investigation and preparation the investigators and SoS "weren't ready" to answer anticipated questions from the State Election Board members.

    As mainstream media and the political ruling class seek to re-spin the issue, Georgia researchers and Patriots are standing firm on the facts uncovered so far. They are demanding investigation and accountability from Raffensperger's office.

    Joseph Rossi, in response to Sterling's claims, noted that Sterling is calling many Georgians who have researched and confirmed these Errors LIARS. He also challenged Sterling to a meeting to discuss Sterling's assertions and face questions from Mr. Rossi.

    The SEB instead of investigating Raffensperger, opted to punt the issue to the legislature which is due to go into session on January 8th.

    The Georgia Record anticipates continued focus and pressure on this issue until the SEB or Legislature or both decide to actually follow through on the issues discovered (and confirmed in writing by the Governor's Office) almost two years ago.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Ed Murray

    Stoke the fire increase the heat. Our other, so called media, is complicit with the fraud of an election and their purposely incompetent reporting to divert our attention and call us “ELECTION DENIERS”. Thank You For What Do!


    The time for a political solution is over with. Things are ripe for 💥🪓


    Come on! NONE of it matters! We already know they cheated! Even if Raff confessed, the feds would circle the wagons and defend him.

    Mad Celt

    So we know? Nothing will be done. These Roman Emperor want to bees are immune.


    This jerk needs to be held accountable for the lies! If he is not it further proves we have a 2 tier justice system for the elite and one for the average citizen! A Banana Republic.


    Not to mention the votes of Ga tax paying citizens that have been disenfranchised by fraud and corruption. Georgia voters must know the extent of the corrupted voting system and we must be assured that Ga elections are free and clear of any malfeasance - now. Time is of the essence.

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