• Nikki (Nimrata) Haley Has Laura Loomer Escorted Out Of Iowa Event After Haley Staff Admits Her With Confirmed Tickets

    January 6, 2024

    Loomer Was Standing Waiting For Event To Start - Why Is Haley So Afraid Of Her Presence?

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    Laura Loomer was approached by police and told she needed to leave a Haley town hall event to which she had tickets and had been admitted by Haley staff. Why? We don't know, the cop would only say it was a "private event."

    By this evening many were calling this move "odd" to "bizarre" on the part of Haley. Perhaps she doesn't like Americans being reminded that she doesn't use her given name (NIMRATA is her name given at birth) not Nikki."

    Perhaps she's nervous that she could be deemed unqualified as a Presidential candidate because she is not a "natural born" American. A fact Ms. Loomer has pointed out in past days.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Mad Celt

    Question. Who in their right mind would buy tickets to a Nikki Haley event. I don't care if the Beatles were playing with the Rockettes dancing I wouldn't be caught dead drunk and passed out at one.


    Well said!!!


    She's a journalist and her offense was she doesn't shy away from something simply because it is uncomfortable. She was also one of the first to be kicked off Twitter back when that was a convenience mechanism & the conversation got too hard.


    Anchor baby Nikki Haley has zero chance at POTUS. She is just another distraction and tool of the left to undermine Trump's run.

    Diana Barahona

    Nikki Haley is a neoconservative; that's a euphemism for a fascist. Fascists have nothing to do with leftists unless they are combatting one another (e.g., Antonio Gramsci vs. Benito Mussolini; the 26 of July Movement vs. Batista; the Vietnamese Liberation Army vs. the U.S.A.; the Bolsheviks vs. the Luciferian Romanov dynasty; the Roman Empire vs. the Nazarene Movement).


    So dictator wanna-be Nikki wants everyone identified and licensed to speak on-line? And what if we say something she doesn't like, will we be arrested as seditionists? This is dangerous talk from a candidate who sounds like Russian dictator Nikita Khrushchev. Only when we can maintain some degree of anonymity do we feel free enough to speak our minds without the fear of being doxed, publicly shamed, social media accounts frozen - when speaking critically of FJoeBiden's incompetent regime.


    Funny (queer) that Nimrata wants your identity online, but changed her name to white trailer trash Brittany....

    Diana Barahona

    Haley's a Luciferian, not a socialist. Look at her given name, which sounds like Nimrod. The Luciferians eat babies: look up Jessie Czebotar or just look at Pedowood.

    Jack Flash

    Nim-rod Haley is a Democrat plant.
    The Democrats know their own vters are not going to support him, so they want to flood the Republican Primary with Democrat voters to give us Nim-rod Haley instead of Trump. If enough stupid cuckservatives decide to vote against Trump along with the Leftist's undermining the Primary, It could very well work. Particualry since fraud is court sanctioned.

    Diana Barahona

    Nimrod is a Luciferian.
    The U.S. became a corporation in 1871, after Albert Pike started the Civil War to bankrupt the nation. France loaned the U.S. money, then the City of London helpfully paid off the debt. The only condition was that The Constitution For The United States was replaced with a corporate charter called The Constitution Of The United States, and the royals and Vatican would own us.


    Shame on Nikki Haley. If Nikki can't handle ONE reporter she can't handle the needs of MILLIONS of Americans.

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