• What's Behind The GOP/GOP, Inc. Curtain?

    January 15, 2024
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    Documents Relating To The Georgia Republican PARTY, Dating From 2013, May Shed Clues

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    Once again author and researcher Hank Sullivan has acquired some startling information regarding the Georgia Republican Party.

    In previous articles we have reported how, after months of ORR (Open Records Request) correspondence citizens across Georgia have been unable to view or receive copies of any documents relating to the actual Georgia Republican Party. The GOP, the SoS office and their Counsel have provided only documents relating to the GOP, Inc. (a corporation formed in 2014 by John Padgett) and some seemingly carefully worded statements from the SoS General Counsel Charlene McGowan "...I believe this satisfies the Party's filing requirements under OCGA 21-2-110 and 21-2-11."

    Mr. Sullivan has now acquired copies of actual Georgia Republican Party documents (filed per OCGA Title 21 requirements) that show the status of the Republican Party, the Party's Rules and the members of the State Committee that existed when the 2013 filings were performed.

    These newly located 2013 documents already show some interesting differences between then and now. Will Georgians finally get some answers to why the GOP is behind a corporate structure?

    And perhaps more importantly, why have these Republican Coalitions been formed in more than 20 counties in Georgia and all by the same person: Brent Herrin - a Kemp appointee.

    See Hank Sullivan's Substack post HERE.

    When I was a kid, there was a clever cartoon series entitled, “Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History.” Mr. Peabody, an erudite cartoon canine, had a boy named Sherman, reversing the roles one might normally expect, the two effectively becoming, “a dog and his boy.”

    Mr. Peabody was a self-proclaimed “average genius,” a “puppy prodigy” he would tout. At age 3 (15 to 18 in human years), Mr. Peabody received his cartoon “wagna-cum laude” degree from Harvard, spoke eight languages fluently, all at once, performed secret government research, and made a fortune on the stock market becoming known as the “Wolf of Wall Street.” One day, Mr. Peabody rescued a boy, Sherman, who he found in an alley attacked by other stray boys, eventually adopting Sherman as one might a pet. Needless to say, Sherman had much to learn, being the boy of Mr. Peabody, and Mr. Peabody suffered Sherman’s lack of brain capacity, however eager disposition, attempting to teach his pet boy all he would need to know to succeed in the world. After all, I suppose, dogs don’t live as long as boys.

    See Hank Sullivan's Substack post HERE.

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