• Why Is A PAC Led By Sen. Matt Brass Calling A Candidate A Criminal For Making Public Comment At The Chatham BOE?

    May 20, 2024
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    Matt Brass Invited on The Georgia 2024 Show To Discuss This

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    Beth Majeroni is running for State Senator. She's making progress. Now comes a smear campaign from Peachtree State Values PAC.

    Ms. Majeroni made public comment before the Chatham BOE last year. She was stopped mid-statement and carried out of the meeting room and placed on the sidewalk outside. Was this a First Amendment violation of Ms. Majeroni's rights?

    Why did Chairman Mahoney have this done? Was it all arranged to stop testimony they didn't want on the record?

    More importantly why would a sitting Senator have brochures created which seem to suggest she did something wrong? Which she didn't.

    See our interview with Ms. Majeroni here:


    See our previous article on the Chatham incident:

    ROSA PARKS REDUX: Chatham County Board Of Elections Uses Police Force To Stop Public Comments - Or Were They Preventing Inconvenient Disclosures?




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