• North Carolina Should Review Prospective Delegates

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    May 23, 2024
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    As we saw here in Georgia this past week, there is a need to carefully review prospective delegates to the Republican National Convention to ensure that "REAL" Trump supporters are the ones to be chosen and attend the RNC.

    Some North Carolina delegates are raising eyebrows as people learn more about prospective candidates:


    Johnny Shull

    Former employee of the Charles Koch foundation; President of CardinalGPS, developer of the oft-questioned mobile voting app used in the election of Michael Whatley at the 2023 NCGOP Convention. Under Jason Simmons, CardinalGPS remains one of the NCGOP’s highest paid contractors.  

    Aimee Mulligan

    Managing Director of CardinalGPS (see detail above) and friend of Johnny Shull VP of CardinalGPS

    Karen Mulligan

    Mother of Aimee Mulligan (above) and Wake County GOP Vice Chair.

    Sources report the Wake County GOP may have recently moved into CardinalGPS’ offices. 

    Melissa Taylor

    Commonly referred to as a "Never Trumper" by sources close to the matter.

    Taylor is said to be good friends with Susan Tillis (wife of the recently censured DC Cartel Junior Partner, Sen. Thom Tillis)

    Readers will recall that the Koch Network was a key supporter of Nikki (given name: Nimrata) Haley. Johnny Shull (CardinalGPS V.P.) is a former employee of Koch.


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