• BANNON: GOP Establishment Looking For Haley Coup In Wisconsin

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    May 25, 2024
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    GBN News Aired on 5/24/24

    ‘They only mouth the principles of conservatism; they don’t realise you also have to fight for those values!’

    Steve Bannon explains how RINOs could ‘try to steal’ the Republican nomination from Trump or force him to accept Nikki Haley as VP.

    The entire interview is below...

    Aired May 24, 2024
    Steve Bannon's fiery criticism of conservatives who "don't have the balls" to take action and fight is evident throughout his interview with GB News America's Steven Edginton. Bannon warns of the dangers of a third world war with the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, and urges conservatives to "take action" and defeat the woke Left. The former advisor to President Trump also urges Nigel Farage not to stand in the upcoming UK election and accuses Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak of betraying their conservative voters. Bannon says the assassination of JFK was one of the most important events of the 20th century, describes Lydon Johnson as a "demon" and discusses lessons from Russian revolutionary Lenin.

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    Joyce A Haver

    Barely any sound on full interview...

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