• Bannon States There is a Plot By Establishment Republicans To Thwart Trump - Is He Right And Is It Here In Georgia?

    May 27, 2024

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    If Steve Bannon's observation was accurate, how would average grassroots Republicans know? What would they see? Would it appear as if things were being done not in keeping with the best interests of the Trump Campaign? Against the will and decisions of the People all across the party?

    As we reported last week, following disclosure of the RNC delegates proposed by the official GOP Nominating Committee, many quickly questioned how and why the name of former Dominion Lobbyist John Garst could have been placed on the list. 

    This is an especially troubling question because lists purporting to be supported by the Trump campaign were sent to state delegates at three separate times Friday and Saturday May 17-18 and these lists did NOT include Garst’s name.

    When asked whether the nominating committee had interviewed all candidates Rufus Montgomery replied that they had not, but they “knew” these people.

    Hear Montgomery's answer in the video below:


    Sources now report that two additional names put forth (Trey Kelly and Alec Poitevint) seem to have been missing from the initial list of nominations given to nominating committee members, May 12th.

    Additionally, the paperwork for these two individuals, noted in Montgomery’s statement, was reportedly not provided to all nominating committee members for these two individuals.

    Below is the proposed list of RNC delegates from the GOP Nominating Committee during the GOP State Convention:


    Given these latest reports, questions have surfaced regarding the dynamics and process used by the Georgia GOP in putting forth delegates they claim were a “Trump Slate.”

    Recently Steve Bannon stated “There is a plot by the establishment republicans and the Republican party to thwart Trump….."

    Are these strange moves surrounding what should be a simple nomination/selection process in line with Bannon’s assessment?

    If certain of these bizarre moves were “ignored” by those who say they provide "truth", what might that mean?

    During a radio/podcast interview last week, Josh McKoon, GOP Chair (CEO of the GRP, Inc.) was asked questions about the statewide elections in Georgia, the results of the GOP State Convention, even about the status of Brian K. Pritchard.  Notably absent was any question about how John Garst (former Dominion lobbyist) could have been nominated as part of a “Trump Slate.”    

    Why would this question have been omitted after being reported nationwide by other outlets?

    Many say that there is great need for review and examination of the political moves being made now and in the coming months.     The Georgia Record agrees and will work with citizens all across Georgia to bring these “moves” to light.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Save GA from communism

    I suggest you do some research on Bannon. He is aligned with Pompeo, Debbie Dooley, Turning Point, and others to take down Trump. Do the research and you'll see that Dooley was paid by Soros. They seem like they are patriots, but they're planning a major coup. McKoon is part of the coup. Everything Debbie Dooley is doing for Steve Bannon is to prep for this national convention takeover of the nominee for president. They will do anything to Place Pompeo and potentially a fallback person-Flynn.


    I have known Debbie Dooley for 12 years, from Tea Party days. I seriously doubt what you say. So ... Make your case. I bet you can't.

    Tommy Carmellini

    Interestingly enough the majority of Republican leadership can’t be trusted. They are worst than Democrats. They fabricate evidence and will oust you if you don’t call in line. Dooley is irrelevant and has turned on grassroots and is rolling with the establishment. Do your research.


    Well, THAT I certainly would agree with. We are cursed with RINOs galore at the state level. More despicable than Dims, IMO. I'll look into Dooley, haven spoken with her in a while. But I also don't accept accusations without proof.


    Proof please. Chapter and verse. Those who shovel BS are better used in barns, not politics.

    Sarah Thompson

    Because there hasn’t been a political party registered on the Republican side in GA since 2014, McKoon is leading a pathetic, unlawful substitute corp. with the SAME NAME. That corp. has NO DUTY under GA Election Code. It has no members. The KEMP/RAFF admin. state unlawfully delegates authority to them. Are we surprised at corp. violations of LAW, RNC Rules, their own “Rules,” add unlawful provisions like $500 application fees, etc. to email notices to “a few” solicited donors. Totalitarians.

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