Fulton County, GA Renews Dominion Voting Machine Contract

October 7, 2021
Fulton County Commission Chairman Rob Pitts Says GA SoS Office Enacting A 'Hostile Takeover' For Probing Missing Chain Of Custody Forms For Thousands Of Nov 3 Ballots

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Fulton County, GA County Commissioners approved Dominion Voting Systems for a new contract for the 2021 October special election.

Request approval of a statewide contract - Department of Registration and Elections, Secretary of State Contract #47800-SOS0000037, Master Solution Purchase and Services Agreement in an amount not to exceed $100,000.00 with Dominion Voting, (Denver, CO), to provide poll technicians during Early Voting and Election Day for the 2021 General Municipal and Special Elections and Runoffs. Effective upon BOC approval. (APPROVED)

The video of the hearing is below.

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15 comments on “Fulton County, GA Renews Dominion Voting Machine Contract”

  1. This has got to be a joke, right? It's not April.
    This must be a satire site.
    No one can be this naive and gullible to use these machines and software.

  2. There you have it folks. Corruption while these traitors spit in your face. There is only one way this can and will end. They know that already and are wagering war against the population of our country. It is time we woke up to this.

  3. Like I keep saying people, nothing will change, here's the proof.
    Why aren't the citizens of Georgia rising up and stopping this???
    The dems will steal the next election just like they did the last one.

  4. Stop dominion smart magic in all other Communist systems that destroy nations now!! These people are crooks and criminals

  5. Just look at him. He sure seems guilty. We all know Dominion is a bought and paid scam... If you will open your eyes, you can rad his face. It's not hard to do. Peace to you all.

  6. I have to assume by this that the citizens of Georgia enjoyed bending over and grabbing their ankles last time, and wish to continue doing so. How else could this possibly stand? Yes Georgians, you will elect who we TELL YOU you will elect. BTW, Vernon Jones was just exposed on the Stew Peters podcast as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Another left winger trying to infiltrate the GOP. This explains why he couldn't get Trumps endorsement.

  7. Kemp is crooked and complicit. Even if a shadow of a doubt exists with the old Dominion system, it should not be used. Democrats spend years berating it until it got them Biden.... then it was infallible. Liberals are a pathetic joke.

  8. It is way past time for Americans to resist this Color Revolution and DEMAND 1) No more electronic voting, 2) MANDATORY voter id, 3) AUTOMATIC forensic audits!!! #UnplugTheVote #ExileAlynski

  9. My representative absentee Liz really needs a good reason to have skipped this vote. Rob Pitt and the others need to go.....corruption. Hope Buckhead gets separated from Atlanta and cuts some of the needed funds for these yo-yos. Fulton county needs to be broken up.

  10. What an arrogant pos that man is, especially in the face of all we know about Dominion/ satans realm.

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