• BREAKING: Project Veritas Releases Video Showing Dr. Quintin Bostic of Teaching Labs Admitting to Selling CRT Curriculums to Fulton and Cobb County School Districts

    January 17, 2023
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    Self-described "Evil Salesman" Sneaking CRT into Classrooms in Violation of Georgia Law

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    ATLANTA – Jan. 17, 2023 - Project Veritas released a new video today exposing Dr. Quintin Bostic, a Content Manager who works for Teaching Lab.

    Teaching Lab’s website states it is a “non-profit organization whose mission is to fundamentally shift the paradigm of teacher professional learning for educational equity.”

    Part of Dr. Bostic’s job role is to sell teaching curriculums to school districts – and he says that both Cobb County and Fulton County have his curriculum.

    In a conversation with a Project Veritas journalist, Dr. Bostic boasts about his selling skills and tactics.

    ‘Evil Salesman’ Admits Plan to Violate Georgia State Law by Secretly Indoctrinating Children with ‘Critical Race Theory’ Disguised as ‘Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion’ …says,  ‘It’s Still Banned in Schools’ … ‘I Would Get Nailed’ “I would say I’m a good salesman, but I’m also an evil salesman,” he said.

    Mr. Bostic, the self-described “evil salesman,” goes on to explain how he secretly sneaks in Critical Race Theory [CRT] ideology into the classroom, including to kindergarteners, by disguising it as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [DEI]. He does this to avoid being caught violating Georgia State Law.

    “If you don’t say the words ‘Critical Race Theory,’ you can technically teach it,” Dr. Bostic said.

    Further illustrating his avoidance of scrutiny by State Officials, Mr. Bostic said, “They [Georgia State Government] have no clue [what is in my curriculum] and I’m like, ‘This is great! This is good!’”

    Dr. Bostic explains that he “would get nailed” if Governor Kemp’s wife were to find out what he is up to. But he also appears to play down the risks to his career even if the state were to act.  “If they come and take my business license…I can keep consulting,” he said.  

    The Georgia Record trusts that the Counties of Fulton and Cobb will immediately take steps to remove any CRT materials from their schools and stop Mr. Bostic from further promoting and selling CRT materials in their Counties. 

    We also recommend that other Counties, who may be in discussion with Mr. Bostic, pause and immediately look into whether Teaching Labs and Mr. Bostic are, or are attempting to, sell CRT into our children’s schools in violation of Georgia law.

    Parents too should contact their children’s schools now to ensure that concerns are heard clearly and directly and to confirm that no CRT curriculum nor materials exist within their school districts.

    The Georgia Record commends Project Veritas for their work in protecting Georgia's children and schools.

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    Cathy Gardino

    Thank GOD for Project Veritas... This "secret curriculum society" has got to be exposed. My poor grand kid, abandoned by both parents but raised by my husband and I was victimised by this "secret society" from the second grade forward...This is horrendous abuse of our kids by people in positions of trust!NO MORE! END IT NOW! ROUT OUT THESE MARXISTABUSERS! PULL YOUR KIDS FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS! WE NEED A PARENTAL STRIKE!

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