• Georgia Grand Jury Foreman Conducts Bizarre Series of Television Interviews - Appears to Violate Georgia Law With Regard to Grand Jury Conduct

    February 23, 2023

    Emily Kohrs, Foreman of the Fulton County Special Grand Jury appeared on a number of television news shows and spoke about her concerns and wishes with regard to various aspects of the Grand Jury's work - contrary to Grand Jury rules. (Updated)

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    During FOX' Sean Hannity show - several interview segments were aired showing Kohrs laughing smirking and joking about aspects of the case. Legal experts are calling out the reckless and bizarre behavior which may have a heavy impact on the prosecutors options moving forward.

    In perhaps an even stranger development, Charlie Kirk, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others are reporting that Kohrs has a Pinterest site promoting various aspects of Witchcraft.

    Even MSM is acknowledging the strange behavior may impact the results of the Trump Grand Jury proceedings. Fulton County has been the subject of a number of reversals recently. The City of Milton decided to separate themselves from the Fulton County elections processes. And two election fraud cases originally dismissed by Fulton County Courts were reviewed by the Georgia Supreme Court, which ruled that the cases were wrongly dismissed and must be returned and reconsidered by the lower court.

    Follow up to our first post: President Trump posted a Truth on Truth Social speaking about the foreman's actions and saying since he did nothing wrong, her actions don't really matter. He also suggests the Atlanta D.A. focus on prosecuting criminals in Atlanta which has turned into one of the Countries most dangerous cities.

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    William Quinn

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    This is the best GJ foreman that the left could come up with? Very shallow bench on that team.


    That is the most backwoods, moonshine drinking, no school, incest born and just plain stupidest girl In the country! Is she even 18 or can you serve on a jury when you’re able to get married in her town, 13! Wow just Wow!


    It seems appropriate, being that this trial is nothing more than a witch hunt.


    Don't think she's too hot on the goy....

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