• They Continue To Use any Means Available To Attack Trump

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    May 6, 2023
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    Yesterday, 8 of 16 alternative electors designated to vote for Trump following the 2020 election were granted immunity by Fani Willis, District Attorney of South Forsyth County in Georgia.

    Photo: Twitter capture

    Because of the overriding concerns regarding the anomalies found associated with Georgia election processes and results two slates of electors were designated in case the election results were shown to be flawed and the election overturned.

    Fani Willis has since engaged in a two-year-long investigation trying to gather enough evidence to charge President Trump with interfering with Georgia elections.   

    Last month, NY District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought charges cobbled together from investigations at both State and Federal levels that had previously found no evidence of a crime. 

    Nonetheless, Bragg is trying to claim that Trump committed a crime surrounding an NDA agreement when another witness confirms he didn’t pay any money and was no longer in charge of the companies Bragg says were involved.

    In the last months, Fani Willis had to run for cover when the Foreman of the Special Grand Jury she had convened began disclosing Grand Jury deliberations and making statements about proceeding, both of which are contrary to Georgia law.   

    Photo: Twitter capture

    Investigators then learned that the Foreman’s social media indicated that she followed witchcraft which seemed to put a lid on further statements from the Foreman.

    Last Summer each of the 16 Republican electors received letters from the Fulton DA’s office disclosing that they were investigation “targets.”    Willis and her office were later barred from pursuing charges against one of those electors, Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, because of a political conflict of interest.

    Ms. Kimberly Bourroughs Debrow, a defense attorney for electors, wrote in a filing about the actions of Nathan Wade, one of the prosecutors in the case, “Mr. Wade made outrageous threats and engaged in intimidation tactics in front of the elector being interviewed when Mr. Wade believed the recording had stopped, threatening to revoke their immunity and indict them (which he has no authority to do), all to try to silence defense counsel and prevent the truth from coming out.”

    This latest immunity move hints at Willis’ need to use the 2020 electors to attempt to gather “evidence” against Trump.  If she follows Bragg’s approach, perhaps the lack of evidentiary proof of any crime will not be a factor in whether she attempts to bring charges or not.   

    The list of the 16 Electors assigned to Trump following the 2020 Elections appears below:

    Georgia Trump Electors

    Joseph Brannan

    James “Ken” Carroll

    Vikki Townsend Consiglio

    Carolyn Hall Fisher

    Burt Jones

    Gloria Kay Godwin

    David G. Hanna

    Mark W. Hennessy

    Mark Amick

    John Downey

    Cathleen Alston Latham

    Daryl Moody

    Brad Carver

    David Shafer

    Shawn Still

    C.B. Yadav



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