• Fulton Nominates a Republican to Chair County Election Board

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    May 16, 2023
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    County Commission Chair Robb Pitts appears to be staving of a threatened takeover of Fulton County's Election Board by the Georgia State Election Board.

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    In a surprising move, Fulton County Commission Chairman Robb Pitts has nominated Lee Morris. a Republican, to take over as chair of the Fulton County Elections Board.

    The move comes amidst speculation that the Georgia State Election Board might step in and take over Fulton County elections given the concerns and anomalies apparent since 2020.

    Recently the Fulton County election board assured voters that their voter registration processes were accurate and secure, yet in the same meeting announced a project to clean their voter rolls.  

    Fulton County has received thousands of complaints and challenges to registrations listed on their voter rolls for people who have moved out of Fulton and in many cases out of the State.

    If Morris becomes chairman it would change the balance of power in the election board to three Republicans and two Democrats.

    On its face, the nomination would seem to be a move toward bipartisanship.    However, sources question Morris’ views and whether they are more conservative or simply “Republican in name only.”

    The nomination is expected to be heard at the next Fulton County Commission meeting this Wednesday, May 17.     If approved, it’s a fair bet that Morris’ actions will be closely watched by many across Fulton and the State in the coming weeks and months.

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