• GOP Chairman Issues Statement After Fulton County Denies Appointment of Republican Nominee for The Second Time

    June 21, 2023

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    Georgia's GOP Chairman, Josh McKoon released a statement and also posted on Twitter today:

    Mr. McKoon was elected as Georgia GOP Chairman just 11 days ago. Today he stepped in to surface the serious concerns swirling around Fulton County's unprecedented decision to refuse appointment of one of the Republican Party's nominated candidates for the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections. The commission's decision is even more remarkable given the statement which appears on the Board's own webpage describing how Board members are appointed: "Two members shall be appointed by the governing authority by the Republican chairperson of the county executive committee." See webpage screen shot below.

    Georgians republicans are watching closely for the State's GOP to take a strong stance to support and ensure republican representation in the State's election processes and Election Boards.

    The release of the Halderman report last week has underscored existing risks of election interference that have long been discussed and are now bourne out in research and studies conducted by Halderman, which were first delivered in July 2021, then which were quickly sealed away from public view and finally released last week.

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    William Quinn

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    Democrats don't follow the laws any longer. They make up crap to suit their needs.


    being in the position of power to 'legally' insure voting fraud they can stay in power forever

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