• Raffensperger's Office Won't Provide 2024 Election Schedule Until December 2023 - Just Four Months Before Primary

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    June 23, 2023
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    How do Candidates learn due dates for key qualification deadlines? Why would the SoS wait so long during an obviously pivotal election cycle? Just another shell game?

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    Activists in Georgia recently noticed the lack of visibility to the 2024 Election Calendar on the Secretary of State Brad Raffenspergers web page, Curently it shows only dates within 2023.

    After submitting an Open Records Request, the Sos Office answered that the Election Calendar for the 2024 election cycle would be released in December. Does that mean December 1st? 15th? 31st? They didn't say.

    Consider the challenges to candidates for State and National offices who need to complete qualification steps and documents, and still build a campaign plan for the State.

    Raffensperger previously announced that Georgia primary would take place on March 12, 2024. Candidates may have little more than 2 months before the primary by the time the Election Schedule is released whic begs the question: Why wait to this late date?

    This is just the latest of a number of moves that Georgian's are paying attention to.

    See our story on the Halderman report and VoterGA's response to Raffenspergers attempt to discredit the findings hidden from Georgiats public for two years.

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