• Hundreds Gather Near Fulton Jail To See and Support Trump

    August 24, 2023
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    Trump supporters and media from across the globe gathered outside the Fulton County Jail in preparation for President Trump to be arraigned on the charges brought by Fani Willis.

    Some said they had been there for up to 48 hours to ensure getting space.

    Police put up metal barricades in an attempt to keep people off the street, then replaced the barricades with plastic barricades filled with water.

    Notable was a sizable contingent of "Blacks for Trump" and other groups who have placed tent coverings along the street to help provide a break from the sun.

    The vast majority of attendees were there to support Trump and were sporting a wide variety of MAGA, America First and Trump garb. Occasionally a lone protester here or there would try to start an anti-Trump chant. These were, in most cases, quickly answered by Trump supporters chanting "U-S-A". or "We want Trump" or in one case singing a song.

    Supporters say Trump was expected to arrive at the jail around 12noon. Sources say the Fulton Sheriff had announced plans to actually place Trump in a cell for a period of time. When the Secret Service learned of the plan and refused, the resulting discussions cause a delay in Trumps plans. Now expected at around 7pm, Trump is expected to be fingerprinted, have a "mugshot" photo taken and then leave the facility.

    As the day wore on law enforcement erected more street blockages and placed squad cars at key intersections in an apparent attempt to prevent additional crowds from reaching the jail. The resulting closures snarled traffic across a number of nearby thoroughfares.

    Law enforcement officers appeared polite to those in the crowd, while insisting they remain behind barricades and off the street.

    The Georgia Record will provide updates to this story.

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    William Quinn

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