• Why Are Atlanta's Black Colleges Still Requiring Murderous Covid Vaccines?

    By Staff
    September 28, 2023

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    Unfortunately, systematic, structural racism still exists in America, from predominantly black universities themselves in Atlanta.

    Atlanta's predominantly black colleges are some of the only remaining higher education institutions in the United States that are still requiring the Covid vaccine.

    Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta University, and Morris Brown are on the list.

    This requirement remains, even though massive evidence exists the vaccines are very dangerous and millions have been injured or killed because of them.

    Here are multiple interviews CDM's Christine Dolan has done with vaccine injured.

    Why are Atlanta's predominantly black colleges some of the only schools in Georgia that are still requiring Covid vaccines?

    Are these students being provided informed consent, informed of the risks, which are material?

    Isn't this racist?









    Wall Street analyst Ed Dowd talks below about the massive increase in death and disability after introduction of Covid vaccines worldwide.

    We reached out to several of these predominently black colleges and as of yet have not received a response.

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    Sounds like a backhanded genocide AS they're RUN BY BLACKS!!!


    Find a college that doesn't enforce this insane rule.

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