• Fulton County Republican Party Chair Issues Statement In Support Of Sen. Colton Moore

    October 4, 2023
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    Calls for immediate reinstatement

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    The Fulton County Republican Party, Chaired by Stephanie Endres released a statement in support of Senator Colton Moore and calling out the leadership and members of the "Republican" Caucus who chose to indefinitely remove him for their ranks.

    The statement includes, "We demand leaders who faithfully represent the will of the people..." and further, "We insist that Senator Colton Moore be immediately reinstated so that he can effectively represent the cizitens of District 53, as is his duty and responsibility."

    The action by the Republican Caucus has been met with grassroots calls for Counties whose representatives voted to oust Sen. Moore to identify primary candidates to face-off the "Rinos" during the next election.

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