• Attorney Releases Statement Calling Out "Fake Republicans" And Their Excuse That Fani Willis' Will be Addressed by PAQC committee....

    October 10, 2023
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    Newly formed Prosecutorial Attorney Qualifications Committee can't act without rules approved by the GA Supreme Court ... which could take months

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    The statement from attorney Alex Johnson arrived with citizens across Georgia this morning. Within it Mr. Johnson calls out the excuse Republican legislators gave for not backing Senator Colon Moore in his call for a special session to investigate Willis' actions.

    The Republican Caucus went so far as to Vote Sen. Moore out of their ranks, effectievly diminishing his influence and consequently that of his constituents.

    He shares what he calls the "Fake Republican Statement shown below:

    That statement was signed by the following:

    Now the newly formed Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Committee quietly put out the following letter, showing they will not be in a position to act until their rules are fully approved by the GA Supreme Court:

    So why are members of the Georgia General Assembly so willing to let what many across Georgia call Willis' "prosecutorial misconduct" stand? Senators and House members would be well advised to prepare for exactly that question in the coming days.

    Johnson's entire statement appears below:

    In our last message, we asked for grassroots activists and patriots to contact, put pressure on, and run against the politicians who instead of standing with GRA-endorsed candidate Senator Colton Moore against the political prosecutions of Fulton DA Fani Willis, decided to stay silent or to vote him out of the Republican caucus.

    When the weak-willed politicians made this decision, they gave the fake excuse that the new "Prosecuting Attorneys Qualification Commission" (PAQC) would be disciplining Willis for her political prosecution of President Trump, previous GAGOP Chairman David Shafer, and many others.

    Here is the fake Republicans' statement. And the signature page. Claiming that the PAQC would be primed to discipline Willis, and not a special session to defund or investigate/impeach her.

    This was a lie. And unlike many of their lies, it quickly became a demonstratable lie, as the newly PAQC put out this statement, which, in part states that the PAQC "....will not consider conduct occurring prior to the completion of the Review Process and approval of the Code of Conduct and the Rules of the Supreme Court of Georgia." Notably, as that process is not completed as of TODAY (10-10-23), that means that nothing that Fulton DA Willis has done to this point, including but not limited to the pending political prosecutions of President Trump and many others, is going to be investigated by the committee.

    Even though the "Senate Republicans" falsely claimed that was the way to get justice regarding Fulton DA Fani Willis. That is, all of them except for GRA Endorsed and Trump supported Senator Colton Moore, who was and is demanding a special session to stop her political prosecutions immediately.

    While for some yet inexplicable reason, the GAGOP has not put out a statement explicitly supporting Sen. Moore, and instead put out a statement yesterday implicitly supporting the "Senate Republicans" poor behavior, this has not been the case throughout the state.

    By contrast, the vast majority of Republican activists clearly support immediate accountability. This is shown by the many major local and district GOP organizations and actual leaders throughout the state putting out statements condemning the actions of the "Senate Republicans" and supporting Sen. Moore and immediate accountability. (Example 1) (Example 2) (Example 2b) (Example 3) (Example 3b) (Example 4) (Example 5) (Example 6) (Example 7) (Example 8) (Example 9)(Example 10)

    If your county party, district party, district or county chairman, or state committee members do not understand what has been going on, or have not made statements of support, please feel free to forward this to them.


    We are left with the reality that many so-called "Republican leaders" don't have the spine to challenge Brad Raffensperger by passing legislation that increases public confidence in our election system.

    They don't have the spine to really challenge Democrats, or efforts to expand government power and cronyism in Georgia. Instead, they put on a show.

    Yet they are willing to effectively defend Democrats that are instituting political prosecutions of Republicans by kicking Republicans out of the caucus.

    Any "Republican" politician not publicly supporting Sen. Moore's efforts, or decrying "leadership's" decision, needs to hear from his or her constituents and, if that doesn't work, be replaced by an actual Republican leader. Silence is not acceptable in the face of politically motivated prosecutions, or on refusing to stand against injustices such as removing one of few Republican leaders from the caucus.

    If we hope to unify and defeat the Democrats in 2024, these people who betray our party and basic common sense principles need to be stopped. Only can you stop them.

    As stated before, the so-called "Leadership" who allegedly made this cowardly decision to avoid the ire of their donors and/or Democrat friends need to hear from you. Call them and let them know that not only are you a Republican disappointed in their behavior, but you're going to find challengers for them and support anyone who runs against them in the Republican primary. Please call them all.

    Sen. John F. Kennedy
    President Pro Tempore 

    Sen. Steve Gooch
    Majority Leader             

    Sen. Randy Robertson    
    Majority Whip                 

    Sen. Jason Anavitarte
    Majority Caucus Chair 

    Sen. Larry Walker III
    Majority Caucus Secretary   

    Next, contact your own Senator and Representative and let them know that you expect them to make a public statement opposing the removal of Senator Colton Moore from the caucus.. Unless they are willing to stand up to "leadership", they are implicitly supporting the decision to remove Senator Moore. If they refuse to issue a public statement, let them know that you'll run against them or support any other actual Republican that is willing to take such a stand.

    Finally, apply to join the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), and organize with others around the state to have only principled Republicans elected to office, both through your endorsements, as well as by ensuring that the GAGOP is run by principled people that will not allow fake Republicans to run for office as Republicans and attack principled leaders like Senator Moore. 

    We must stop allowing cowardice and selling out in politics if we want to maintain our brand. By unifying around Republican principles, we can work together to defeat the Democrats.

    -Alex Johnson


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