• Public Concern In Milton Continues To Grow - Citizens Question Actions By Mayor And City Manager

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    October 17, 2023
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    Public concern in Milton continues to grow. Last night, several people spoke during public comments  section of the Milton City Council meeting.

    They voiced concerns about alleged unlawful meetings, ongoing discussion of a proposed development authority for the Milton City area, and questions about the conduct of the City Manager Steve Krokoff.

    One speaker reported that Mr. Krokoff had ‘surveilled’ residents in the Crooked Creek community, another reported that Krokoff used Milton City credentials to gain access to the gated community.

    At the end of the meeting Krokoff appeared to question citizens truthfulness as he said "...I understand that there is no requirement that truth be spoken at that microphone...", referring to the public comment podium.

    The Georgia Record called Mr. Krokoff’s office today and invited him to comment on these citizens reports.

    As of the time of publishing, Mr. Krokoff had not responded.  

    As a result of the meeting held on September 18th, Milton resident, Laura Bentley filed a formal complaint regarding the Mayor and City Council failure to follow the Code of the City of Milton GA regarding Open Meetings:

    What is this negative campaign?

    Milton residents have also recently voiced concerns about a negative campaign being waged by a campaign committee called "Milton Families First".  Why would such a campaign exist?  We don’ know.   Citizens also report false Facebook posts being circulated in an attempt to undermine facts.

    Other residents are calling out a proposed “Development Authority”  which might diminish or eliminate the City Council’s power to plan and choose appropriate projects to be undertaken in Milton in coming years.

    Several sources cite worries regarding large multi-family development(s) which would cause substantial change to the character of the City of Milton.

    Who is Backing Who?

    Perhaps a review of who’s putting money into which campaigns may provide food for thought.

    Attached below is the Campaign Contribution Disclosure report, filed October 4, 2023 for Carol Cookerly.

    In terms of contributions, in several cases it appears that more than one member of a family contributed separately, in some cases adding up to thousands of dollars.

    Line 3 of the disclosure shows total itemized contributions for the period of $36,150.00

    Contributions of $1000 or more include:

    Joseph Lockwood             $2500

    Friends of Jan Jones        $1000

    Tony Rich                             $3300

    Sara Rich                              $3300

    Kyle Hester                          $3300

    Cynthia Hester                   $3300

    S K Cobak                            $3300

    Robert Cobak                     $3300

    Charlie Roberts                 $2000

    Sarah Roberts                    $1000

    Teresa Jarmuz                    $2000

    Sarah Haslock-Johnson  $1000

    David Dudley                      $3300

    Ronald and MaryKay

    Gilbert                                   $1000

    The above 14 contributions total $33,600 or 92.9% of the itemized contribution total reported.

    Within the Disclosure document, Charlie Roberts and Sarah Roberts list their Employer as Roberts Properties.   

    A website listing Roberts Properties came be found at: https://www.robertsproperties.com/ and includes the following images among others.

    On September 29, 2023 Douglas Marshall Hene also filed a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form.  You may view or download the form below:

    Line 3 of the Hene’s form lists $33,462.64 in itemized contributions for the period.

    This form includes a spreadsheet listing the Contributors and amounts.  Here are the contributions of more than $1000:

    Tony Palazzo                                       $3000

    Tony Palazzo                                      ($3000)                “Notes: Contribution refunded”

    Pamela and David Borgei               $1000

    Tim Kittredge                                     $1000

    Shawn Samuels                                 $1000

    James Clift                                           $1000

    Harrison Clymer                                $1000

    Nathan Smith                                     $1000

    Trudy Hene                                          $1000

    Maeghan Gann                                 $1000

    Jenny Doyle                                        $1000

    Patrick Dorsett                                  $2500

    Lyndsi Dorsett                                    $1000

    Why a contribution of $3000 was accepted and then refunded to Tony Palazzo is unclear at this time.

    As further information and citizen reports are received "The Georgia Record" will bring them to you.

    Disclaimer:   The Georgia Record researches and provides open source information in the interest of public disclosure and education.  Nothing herein is to be construed as alleging any crime or wrongdoing.

    The Georgia Record applauds the efforts of Patriots across Georgia who are working to bring information forward so that Truth may be uncovered.

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    I know the Milton City Council adopted hand count and no machines in the upcoming elections cycles. I praised them and tried to bring Steve on my podcast. After several attempts, he called and briefly said that he was unwilling to talk about it until later. I wonder if all this kerfuffle was on the horizon, and/or might have to do with those who prefer fraud, trying to discredit him for the hand-count decision.

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