• BERNEGGER: Dominion's Goose Is Cooked

    By Staff
    April 7, 2024

    Could this be the reason the GA GOP wants to get rid of GA GOP First Vice Chair Brian K. Pritchard?

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    Wisconsin election fraud investigator Peter Bernegger has been released from prison, after filing 'too many pro se complaints' and being arrested for 'simulating legal process'.

    The tell is in the judge's ruling that he can file no more complaints as a pro se litigant, unless approved by the Wisconsin Bar.

    No tyranny there, right?

    CDM reported on the conditions for his release below.


    Yesterday, Bernegger came out swinging against the continued election fraud in Wisconsin and nationally by the Dominion voting machines used in Georgia, and installed by Governor Kemp.

    I was charged with a felony crime of "simulating legal process." This is politically motivated where they are trying to shut me up, to shut us all up. For those who don't know, this is the second time they have come after me; the first time was dismissed in 15 minutes when the judge learned the truth of the matter. I am home now and back in the fight for our beloved country. Thank you for all the support and prayers statewide and nationally, wrote Bernegger on his Telegram Channel.

         Let's kick this off right: I have seen the Dominion Voting Co. source code, and  I have access to it. There are, in fact, two sets of source code; the cheat is in the "adjudication" package. Watch Jeff O'Donnell's 3 part movie series he came out with recently, it's explained in there. Think of it as two sets of financial books at a company. One set of books for the IRS, and one for the company about what is really happening. Not all counties have this adjudication package. If you want to find out about your county, request public records for all purchase contracts between your county and Dominion Voting. Look for "adjudication". And yes, Dominion Voting systems connect to the internet as the multiple IP system audit log tapes (SLOG.txt) I obtained prove it. The Dominion emails provided by Attorney Stephanie Lambert also prove it. Again: Dominion's own emails prove they and others (yes, others) have access to the voting machines via the internet. Including from Serbia.

    Dominion Voting Co. caught lying about connecting to the internet. Here it is: Dominion machines cheated in the 2020 election (my words). Their machines do connect to the internet. President John Poulos lied under oath, committing perjury. Their own emails prove their programmers in Belgrade, Serbia, can connect to the voting machines in the USA. Fox News to reopen lawsuit and get their money back??  This video gets better and better as the minutes go by, pause it when it gets to Dominion's own emails to read it for yourself:

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    It is unlikely FOX will re-file, discovery would expose the evidence they have spent 4 years hiding. A re-file would also expose that Fox was (IMO) complicit/ aided and abetted the fraud of '20.


    'If' it's proven that Dominion® did help steal the 2020 and whatever other elections, then I do not suggest suing them. 😉

    Tony Bell

    Truth will set us free. Let the light of truth dissolve all darkness. Amen!


    American society is corrupt from top to bottom. Every institution -the courts, education, media, local and federal government employees- has been corrupt to the core, everyone in those institution are on the take. Why FOX settled with Dominion? Because FOX is in the scam. It is in bed with commieKKKrat deep state and it doesn't want to be exposed. It knows if Trump wins their gravy train will come to halt.
    What's happening in today's America happened to all previous defunct empires.


    That's WHY we get that 45 minute gamma ray burst(star "fire"), OR someone owes sodom and gomorrah an apology....


    Doubtful-here's why:
    Obama 'seized" Diebold Security as CIC, then "sold" it to Spain, who then "sold" it to Venezuela (where the US MIC "recoded" it) and then it was "sold" BACK TO the demonrats in Virginia, at the fed facilities, AS "dominion", IN YOUR FACE- instituting a coup from 2008-forward, enjoy the "suck", from the 1992 campaign......(clinton/gore campaign pin on a confederate naval jack)

    Diana Barahona

    It takes seconds to read the CIA cable about Smartmatic published by Wikileaks. Smartmatic's silent partners were ENEMIES of President Hugo Chavez.
    The CIA tested hammer and scorecard over multiple elections and referenda under the enormously popular Chavez to find out how many pro-Chavez votes they could remove without raising suspicions.
    Obama had Chavez murdered. He had threatened him as a "dangerous populist" in a May 2008 speech in Miami, Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas.

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