• Citizens Report Current And Prior Attempts To Target Pritchard

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    April 14, 2024
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    Over the past week, The Georgia Record has reported on the strange circumstances surrounding the ruling by an Administrative Judge regarding Brian K. Pritchard, the story's inexplicable escalation to international coverage and the sudden emergence of inappropriate Instragram "sext messages" claiming they were from Pritchard.

    Georgian citizens are now coming forward stating that they had seen these messages previously and judged them likely false. More importantly, they are disclosing to CDM the parties who gave them these messages and when they were delivered.

    One party identified by these citizens is Salleigh Grubbs, who acts as Chairman of the Cobb County GOP. Observers characterize as a very outspoken opponent of Mr. Pritchard.


    Screenshots received from parties across Georgia show conclusively that Grubbs sent these same "messages" out prior to the Georgia GOP State Convention, during which Pritchard was elected.

    (NOTE: certain information has been redacted to protect the parties who received communications from Grubbs - the only alterations to screenshot are blue redactions)

    See one example screenshot below, captured last year, showing the sending source as Salleigh Grubbs:

    Was this an attempt to smear Pritchard and prevent his election? We don't know at this stage, but the timing would be consistent as an attempt to sway delegate opinions.

    In emails with CDM founder L Todd Wood, inquiring about these messages provided to Lauren Witzke, Grubbs stated, "I do not know her - never heard of her before it came out. I did not provide it to her nor was I in possession of it."

    If Grubbs was not in possession of "it" (sext messages) on April 4, 2024, how was she able to send it to parties in June, 2023?

    CDM informed Grubbs of our findings and received the following reply?

    Some observers note that whistleblowers receive certain protections under Federal law.

    Since Pritchard has brought out a number of concerns surrounding political party structure, as well as actions by the various players and factions within GA, are he and others like him now under the protection of these whistleblower measures?


    CDM will continue to report on this story.


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