Georgia Needs Unifier David Purdue For Governor

March 29, 2022
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Article written November 15, 2021

Two recent analyses have convinced me that Georgians need a unifier who can help lead the state to a better future.

I began working as a volunteer in the Georgia Republican Party in 1960 (it was virtually non-existent). After five decades of helping Georgia and the Georgia GOP, I have a deep interest in, and commitment to, a better future for the state and the party. 

I am worried...

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1 Comment
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Purdue did nothing to fight against the stolen presidential and the senate election in Ga. Georgia needs Kandiss Taylor. She was the first candidate in the state to call for a full forensic audit. She has huge support from voters but she is not getting any exposure from our media here. Georgia is not a blue state. #KandissTaylorforGovernor

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