Georgia Supreme Court Allows Appeal Of Ballot Bar-Code Cases Dismissed By Three Superior Courts

February 10, 2023

Judges in Cobb, Fulton and Bulloch Counties had previously dismissed cases brought forward alleging improper ballots, in part because the ballots contain non-human readable bar-codes.

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February 9th 2023 - Atlanta - the Georgia Supreme Court has issued an order allowing appeal of three cases filed in various superior courts challenging the validity of the ballots used during the December 6th 2022 runoff.

During the runoff election, three separate plaintiffs filed cases in three superior county courts in Georgia, alleging that the ballots created during voting included bar codes, do not comply with Georgia law and were implemented in violation of Georgia law for regarding election procedures and processes.  

The Supreme Court's ruling now allows these dismissals to be challenged on appeal and for the court to consider whether the one or more of the cases should be returned to a lower court for reconsideration.

The fact that ballots created by Dominions Systems include non-human readable barcodes has been a source of continued debate as Georgia law requires that all ballots be human readable.  

OCGA § 21-2-300    “…such electronic ballot markers shall produce paper ballots which are marked with the elector's choices in a format readable by the elector.”

During the December 6th elections, plaintiffs appeared before Superior Court judges in Cobb, Fulton and Bullock Counties, each alleging that the ballots were improper for use in the elections, in part because the printed ballots included bar-codes not readable by the electors.  All three Superior Court judges dismissed these complaints and it is these dismissals which are now at question in front of the Supreme Court.

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4 comments on “Georgia Supreme Court Allows Appeal Of Ballot Bar-Code Cases Dismissed By Three Superior Courts”

  1. Paper ballot, voter ID, one weekend and a election day off to vote to take into account for weather, no ballot harvesting, no ballot boxes to stuff, mail in ballot upon request and only for qualified people like military, elderly, or disabled with proof of these needs.

  2. You guys don't get it. NOTHING WILL CHANGE! Soros, the nazi-collaborator has replaced every judge, DA, AG, Governor, Sec-State etc that has to do with voting lawsuits. You cant win if all roads are blocked. He has replaced voting laws with voting cheating. One day voting is now one month voting. Vote in person is now vote by anyway possible. Vote checks and balances don't matter as they are not implemented. The whole entire system is CORRUPT and un-fix-able!

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