Governor Kemp To Speak At Davos! Governor, We Don’t Need A “Reset.”  We’ll Keep Our Families, Our Faith, And Our Freedoms, Thank you. 

January 13, 2023

Georgia Legislature Erodes Transparency At Same Time

Transposed image of Gov Kemp

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Yesterday, The Georgia Record disclosing that Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, was invited to the Davos meeting in Switzerland.  Davos is the name given to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. 

Public reaction has indicated concern about Kemp’s inclusion in the event which is broadly recognized as a chance for the world’s elite, led by Klaus Schwab, to gather and privately discuss their plans for expanding control over the rest of humanity. 

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum said in 2020, "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world"   Many ask why a German engineer who whose Swiss family moved to Germany during the Third Reich should be the guiding force for change in the world. 

Following our story, it was reported that Kemp was not only invited as an attendee but is scheduled to speak at the event.    

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At the same time Kemps plans were surfacing, the Georgia General Assembly was busily protecting itself, its privacy and ability to avoid accountability.    Previously both chambers had exempted themselves from Open record Act disclosures.     New rules adopted Wednesday, add new provisions shielding communication between lawmakers and third parties under legislative privilege. 

Legislators claim this is to prevent abuses between the parties, but First Amendment proponents sense greater concern and point out the urgency with which these rule changes were made. 

Other newly-enacted rules prevent the use of cameras in committees and other areas unless expressly approved by the speaker. 

An interesting parallel occurred during this week when newly-named House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy seemed reluctant to allow CSPAN cameras back into the U.S. House of Representatives despite their extensive coverage of his fight for Speaker of the House. 


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Elizabeth Griffin

What is going on in our state? This is as ridiculous as the city council in Michagan allowing goat sacrifice. Kemp is bought and paid for by the CCP. Corrupt elections in the state got he and Raffensberger back in office. It is beyond disgusting.

Ford Mike

As a Georgia resident who voted for you, don’t go governor

Holly Denton

One is known by the company they keep. Gov, as a native of Georgia, and as someone who has lots of family there and loves my former home, you’d best think about what you’re agreeing to. If you’re now - or have already been - part of this group of evil, sinister dictators, you’re gonna find yourself on the wrong side of history. If you go, your true colors will come through yet AGAIN!


Our tax $$ are used for this? Unacceptable! Legislatures voting themselves protection and secrecy and basically closed sessions…why? What is our te purse. We can’t vote them out w rigged elections.


he looks likes some sore of obscure cultist/vilain from a star wars episode

Sandi Folsom

He sold us out years ago! They (the CCP) was invited by Him for a sell out for the Ga. People
He is disgusting as far as we can through him!


I always felt Raffensberger was corrupt but I held out hope for Kemp. Now after reading that he will be attending Davos, I'm seeing him in a different light. Not too good.

conway poppa

Without honest elections we become the new Stalin Russia with the advent of Kemps, McConnells, and Bidens. I do not have that much trust of Kevin McCarthy either, I really fear for the future of our country.
All for the greed and treason of our "elected" leaders. While the likes of Soros, Obama, Wray and multitudes of others are allowed to go 'scott' free in spite of the planned destruction of America there is no way we can survive.

R. L. S.

Remember This Always About Governor Kemp:

Kemp Plays Doctor with pregnant women and girls.

He thinks his Georgia government should nose in and direct private medical decisions.

Pa l

What in tarnation made Georgians vote for these morons Kemp Raffesberger?

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