• Grassroots Groups Raise Alarms On HB 520

    By Staff
    March 8, 2023

    Citizen groups are pushing back on house bill 520, focusing on troubling aspects and government controls contained within the bill, along with the apparent speed with which it was passed through the house.

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    HB 520, the so called “Mental Health Bill” was one of the first bills to be passed this session by Georgia’s House.   Notably passing with only three “No” votes.     

    Watchdogs are asking, Why the speed?  Why No Questions surrounding such a complex and concerning piece of legislation?  Just one example of such a communique'....


    Especially When it Comes to government legislation Impacting YOUR Family!

    Did you know that Georgia House Bill-520 creates:

    • The right for the government to confine a family member, including a minor, to a State mental health facility for evaluation based on testimony from at least two individuals whose identity would be concealed (lines 473-478 of the bill).
    • Immunity from ALL liability for mental health care providers and treatment deemed criminal or negligent (lines 582-585 of the bill).
    • The ability for the government and private companies to monitor family members diagnosed with mental health needs (lines 748-751,759-761,764). Lines 762-763 state: “Identify ways to use and share existing data for business intelligence and predictive analytic opportunities.”
    • Housing accommodations for criminal offenders that includes a federal and private donor landlord incentive program (lines 1081-1104 of the bill).
    • NO auditing process for the millions of Georgia taxpayer $$$ to be spent on mental health administration, programs, marketing, prescriptions, a new mental health professional and patient government database, student loan forgiveness, Medicaid expansion and more (refer to the bill link below).

    If passed, HB-520 becomes Georgia law based on a definition of mental health that does not exist and will not be created until December 1, 2023 (lines 93-95)!

    Call your state senators immediately https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

    and tell them WORDS MATTER and HB-520 is full of words that expose your family’s privacy, freedom and hard-earned money. Stop this bill from becoming Georgia law.

    Link to read the 44-page bill.


    Link to a list of the Georgia State Senators:


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    Henrietta T. Beighley

    Please vote NO.

    Nilsa Cintron

    WORDS MATTER and HB-520 is full of words that expose your family’s privacy, freedom and hard-earned money. Stop this bill from becoming Georgia law. Please vote NO

    Carolyn Strong

    What happened ... did Kemp & company join the Biden Administration by taking our privacy away...our rights. I guess Georgia did turn blue. Maybe I need to live in a red state. Currently I have NO US senators. My US rep is not available..voice mail.
    I live in a conservative part of the country. So...Lt. Gov. Burt Jones...what are we going to do about this power grab?


    Gov. Kemp attended the World Economic Forum this year in Davos, Switzerland. It should be no surprise we are seeing bills like this.

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