• Election Supervisor For Gwinnett County Says Georgia Roll System Built By Salesforce (GARVIS) Isn't Working...Again

    May 30, 2023
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    More than a year after it was originally launched and then taken down, Zach Manifold says. “There are numerous issues.”

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    In April 2022, more than a year ago,  Georgia SoS Brad Raffensberger announced that he had contracted with a division of Salesforce to take on the voter registration rolls for the state of Georgia.  The new system would be called the Georgia Registered Voter Information Center (GARVIS.)

    At that time many complained that the decision had been done as a backroom deal with little to no oversight nor input from other officials who should have been part of the decision making process.

    Now comes word, after more than a year, that the system is not functioning properly, and according to Zach Manifold, Election Supervisor for Gwinnett County, “It's just not in a good place.”

    Manifold explained that GARVIS originally launched in April of 2022,  was online for about two weeks and had to be taken down. Election processes were urgently transitioned back to the former system - ENET.

    GARVIS relaunched February 1st of this year and Gwinnett officials were already concerned by March.   Because of these issues with GARVIS, Gwinnett has been unable to send out precinct cards since the end of January.

    Manifold further states that Gwinnett representatives met with the State and were asked to give them another 90 days to correct the problems.

    “it's just not functioning in a place where I would feel comfortable having an election right now,” Mr. Manifold explained, that there are numerous issues…. there are contact date issues.”

    A Gwinnett voter spoke with The Georgia Record and reported that on examining their voter record it was noted that the last contact date was shown as 2019, when in fact they have voted in each election to which they were entitled from that time to the date of this publication.

    Gwinnett's Election Board showed significant discomfort over the report from Zach Manifold and clearly wants answers as to why these problems exist in a system that many say was forced upon counties and voters across Georgia.

    Interestingly, at a recent CEIR meeting in Washington D.C., when asked what Georgia voters’ level of acceptance and comfort was about their elections Brad Raffensberger stated it was good.    He seemed to focus on photo ID as being a reason for this increased trust.  Many note however that Photo ID has been an element of Georgia elections for many years, making Raffensperger’s comments border on mockery of the voters' intelligence in Georgia.

    Manifold's comments also hint that other Counties have been seeing the same problems to varying degrees, which brings up the question why has this not been reported by other Counties since the problem was identified in February of this year.   Why are we learning about it four months later?

    The Georgia Record does acknowledge the disclosures made by Mr. Manifold and encourages other Counties to be forthcoming with their findings, lest their own voters question why their County Boards are failing to disclose such vital information.   

    As the one who forced the move to GARVIS, Raffensperger owes Georgians full disclosure on the status of the system, the issues occurring, what fixes have been identified and how to ensure that the system will  be performing 100% correctly for forthcoming elections.

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    This guy raffensperger works for we the people he will do what we say and by the way he is a crook lets just fire him.

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