• You Are Throwing These Things In The Garbage, But When You See What They Do, You Will Never Throw Them Again!

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    November 7, 2020
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    We commonly find bags filled with silicon dioxide or silica in shoe boxes. Although most of us will dispose of them immediately thinking they are toxic and useless, the reality is quite different. Although silicon dioxide should not be eaten, it has many other uses around the house.

    These are just some ways how you can use silicon dioxide (white or light yellow granules) at home:

    • Keep your workout gear dry

    The thing is that silica is used to absorb moisture so putting these bags into your training bag along with your workout gear will prevent bacteria proliferation because these thrive in damp environments. Silica gel bags will remove bad smell thus keeping your bag dry and clean.

    • Prolong the shelf life of your make-up

    In order to prevent moisture in your powder makeup, simply put one of these bags in your makeup case.

    • Put them in your wardrobe

    Similarly, keeping silica gel bags in your wardrobe will prevent the appearance and spread of moisture as well as the bad smell that accompanies it.

    • Restore your water-damaged phone

    The most amazing use of silicon dioxide is probably in relation to restoring your water-damaged phone. In such a case, put your phone among 4-5 silica gel bags so that they absorb the moisture and dry your phone.



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