• Emory Researchers Blame "Structural Racism" For Type 2 Diabetes Prevalance Among Black People

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    August 8, 2023
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    The value of an Emory University education just fell further as the institution released a report saying Type II diabetes in black people is caused by...wait for it...structural racism.

    An article in The Lancet, another degraded institution in itself due to its retracted Covid reporting, enabled the release of this disingenuous report.

    “Past policies, laws, and economies contribute to where people live, their access to sufficient and healthy food, and their access to health-care services,” the research team wrote.

    “These factors, stemming largely from structural racism and discrimination, play an important role in driving racial and ethnic inequities in diabetes and diabetes-related complications,"

    “Structural racism play[s] a prominent role at all levels,” of these domains, declared 'the scholars'.

    However, experts disputed these notions, saying that food choices are also an issue with this problem.

    “Healthcare access is a problem…health literacy is an even bigger problem," said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm.

    You can read more at Zero Hedge.

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    Diabetes has both genetic and metabolic components. So trying to tie diabetes to racism is very bad science as well as totally dishonest.

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