• Sen. Ron Johnson Says Covid Plandemic Pre-Planned By Elite - Then Why Is This Atlanta College Reinstating Masks?

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    August 22, 2023
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    Morris-Brown College has reinstated COVID mark requirements on campus, although Morris Brown President Kevin James admits that there have been no cases at the college.

    The requirements were announced in an email sent to Staff, students and faculty citing "reports of positive cases among students in Atlanta University Center."

    This past weekend Senator Ron Johnson said during a segment with Maria Bartiromo, that the 2020 covid pandemic was pre-planned by an a elite group of people." He went on to explain that other members of congress were largely unwilling to investigate this because they did not wish to be found wrong in their previous guidance and assumptions during the "original" covid pandemic.

    In recent days others are raising the alarm regarding TSA and other whistleblowers admitting that they have been told to expect reinstated lockdowns and covid-style measures in the coming two months.

    Many peoplpe are asking how are we able to foretell another health emergency when so few are sick? If the disease was in fact man-engineered how do we know that a new version isn't also a human invention. And how are we to react to new measures knowing that the government held back truths during the covid crisis?

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